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Mars-Uranus square. Blade Dancing

Overcoming the difficulties generated by the square of planets, a person achieves greater success than when sextiles predominate in the natal chart . Even dangerous aspects can be turned to your advantage if you are careful and know the weak points. This is especially true for the owners of the Mars-Uranus quadrature, who are at risk of accidents and attacks more often than others, especially during the transit of the planets participating in the tandem.

This is often preceded by an uncontrollable surge of aggression and anger of an impulsive nature when faced with restrictions of any nature. Anger is the main mechanism for triggering the aspect and the cause of accidents, fights, breakdowns in relationships in the family and at work. By transforming it into a sporting anger aimed at a good purpose, the native is able to become a revolutionary pioneer.

The danger of the Mars-Uranus square

Stubborn and eccentric owners of the Mars-Uranus square have a constant need to experience the thrill, which pushes them to fatal speeding, extreme sports and dangerous bets. This often becomes the cause of premature death. In addition, they magnetically attract criminals and aggressors, even having an outwardly soft and docile character. The heat of adrenaline and thirst for extreme is too high, which is read by criminals on a subconscious level.

The carriers of the Mars-Uranus square become unceremonious and tough in communication after 18 years, and then the wheel of karma turns in the other direction: they will already be a source of trouble for their neighbors. If you harness aggressive emotions, you can become a political leader or entrepreneur, leading masses of people to a goal. For successful self-control, you need to know what the unworked Mars-Uranus square leads to:

  • accidents and electric shocks due to inattention caused by emotional intensity;
  • gunshot wounds and burns, cuts with large objects;
  • unintentional skirmishes with hooligans and provocation of fights with a stronger opponent in order to test their invulnerability;
  • stubbornness, rudeness, imbalance and irritability of character;
  • inability to establish a long-term relationship if one of the planets is in the 5th or 7th house;
  • unwillingness to listen to the advice of knowledgeable people – comprehending the obvious from your mistakes;
  • the habit of following the need for thrills, ignoring safety rules;
  • religious extremism, if one of the planets is in the 9th or 12th house .

It is important to understand that the fatalism of the effects of quadrature disappears with control of emotions and careful use of electrical appliances and transportation. By developing awareness of behavior and spirituality, most Mars-Uranus square owners live happily ever after.

The square of Mars-Uranus in the horoscope of a man

The native’s willful and irritable nature hinders a happy family life. The situation is aggravated by the presence of planets in the water signs of the zodiac. Nobody knows what to expect from a man with the square of Mars-Uranus. Behavior depends on the mood of the moment, and the financial situation is very unstable. He easily quarrels with the boss because of nonsense, simply because he did not get enough sleep, and loses a prestigious position or decides to rewrite the property to a beggar relative, forgetting about his own children.

The native feels that he is a temporary guest in this world and does not limit himself in pleasures and emotions. At a low and medium level of development, it is contraindicated to have weapons at home. When Mars-Uranus square, it will definitely shoot.

The square of Mars-Uranus in the horoscope of a woman

A girl with such an aspect becomes capricious, fickle and hysterical, falling in love with an eccentric extreme lover. She also tends to get carried away by deceivers, alcoholics, gigolos, and unrecognized geniuses. Until that time, the square can be suppressed by the stronger planets, including from a strong feeling.

In adolescence, one should be wary of mentally unbalanced people capable of physical violence, and be careful with electrical appliances all his life. The girl attracts many fans with an unusual style and demeanor, but does not hold back because of her hot temper and unwillingness to obey. With the tense aspect of Mars-Uranus, you should avoid communicating with people born abroad.

Elaboration of the Mars-Uranus square

By developing attentiveness, composure, self-discipline, the native is able to neutralize the destructive influence of the aspect. By succumbing to a hurricane of anger, resentment and extremism, he risks attracting painful events of a violent nature. The source of troubles lies in an unbalanced character. It is necessary to avoid disputes, plan flights and trips according to astrological forecasts, especially if one of the planets is in the element of air. Women are encouraged to show respect for men.

The harmonization of the Mars-Uranus square is also facilitated by overcoming obstacles by willpower, at a symbolic level, sports competitions will help here, and the successful realization of one’s uniqueness in a career. The karmic task is to live peacefully in society, without entering into conflicts. Jewelry made from natural stones will help in this, harmonizing the imbalance of energies. Uranus will calm fire opal and fluorite, while Mars will calm red jasper , carnelian and obsidian .

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