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Mercury Square – Mars

The square is the aspect of struggle and tension. If the aspect involves a conflict planet (in this case, Mars ), then special attention should be paid to such a configuration and its interpretation.

Since Mercury is responsible for thinking, speech and mobility of a person, the source of difficulties for him will be the areas of training, education and communication. In his intellectual and business activity, the subject will at times run into obstacles. Others will not always be friendly to his ideas. You need to be ready for criticism of others and learn to respond to it adequately.

Mercury Square - Mars

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities and abilities of a person

A person with the aspect of the Square of Mercury and Mars can boast of a sharp mind, resourcefulness, excellent reactions and convincing speech. He knows how to reflect the attacks of others, and does not go into his pocket for the right word.

Helpful acquaintances are made quickly. If the native needs information, he will not waste time at the ceremony, but will try to “knock out” the information he needs from his opponent. Through insight, energy and research ability, the owner of the aspect achieves positive results in entrepreneurial, industrial, financial and scientific activities.

In order to be truly successful, you need to develop diplomatic skills and good manners, as well as avoid rudeness, unnecessary disputes and conflicts.

Square of Mercury and Mars in the male horoscope

This configuration in a man's birth chart will tell about his sharp character, bold mind and ability to make quick decisions. In order for the affairs of the owner of the horoscope to be successful, he needs to avoid conflicts with others, chaotic activities and scattered interests.  

The square of Mercury and Mars in the female horoscope

The presence of this aspect in a woman's natal chart will tell you that her marriage partner can be picky, critical and straightforward. When communicating with men, you should not say what comes to mind. This behavior can lead to loud conflicts and confrontation between partners. In union, you need to be wise and tolerant. The winner will not be the one for whom the last word will remain, but the one who can stop verbal skirmishes, proceedings and insults.

The square of Mercury and Mars in the children's horoscope

The mind of a child with this aspect is quick and sharp. He constantly needs an influx of interesting information, is distinguished by good wit, liveliness, agility and talkativeness. Such children, having matured, may become interested in foreign languages, physics and chemistry.

Regular physical education is necessary for a child in order to develop dexterity and flexibility. This will save him from injury and teach him how to act in potentially dangerous situations.

A student with this aspect must be taught to be polite and careful with the language, otherwise foul language and insolence can give him a bad name.

The influence of the aspect in some signs of the zodiac

The square brings tricky situations to the native's life. An analysis of the qualities and strength of the planets that make up it will help determine the dignity of a person and his most vulnerable points.

For example, if the square is formed by a strong Mars in Scorpio and an inferior Mercury in Aquarius in strength, then the owner of the horoscope will be torn between the spiritual and ideological world and the material world, but as a result, he will still have a priority in the direction of activity that provides good financial returns. Perhaps the native will worry about the fact that most of his creative ideas are not appreciated, but he does not want to be a hungry artist.

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