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Mercury square – Uranus

The square between the planets, present in the horoscope, provokes in its owner the appearance of such negative states and character traits as imbalance, nervousness, tension, a tendency to make decisions and act recklessly.

These features are aggravated if the evil star Uranus participates in the square . This planet, negatively aspected, symbolizes freethinkers, rebels and reformers. Acting in conjunction with Mercury , responsible for intelligence and speech, Uranus imparts a restless mind to the native and causes unpredictable reactions. A person whose birth chart contains the mentioned configuration does not like to agree with the generally accepted opinion and in every possible way emphasizes the independence of his judgments.

Mercury square - Uranus

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities and abilities of a person

The square of Mercury and Uranus gives the native an uneven character, excessive love of freedom and eccentricity of nature. It may turn out that for him there will be no authorities in any of the areas of knowledge. When studying new disciplines, such people are always faced with inconsistencies and a lack of logic in the educational material, which gives them a desire to criticize established views and open the eyes of others to the true state of affairs.

Revolutionary attacks and provocations cause a negative attitude among leaders and other higher-ranking native. Expressing his bold thoughts, he risks losing even the support of his patrons and friends. And if it were not for the brilliant intellectual abilities and other natural talents of the subject, it would be difficult for him to maintain his positions at work and in an educational institution.

The owner of the aspect can perfectly realize his abilities in any research and inventive activity. He can choose the profession of engineer, programmer, work in the field of the latest technologies. Since such people have a humanistic ideological orientation, work related to people and the study of society (for example, work as a psychologist, sociologist) is suitable for them.

If the owner of the horoscope chooses literary activity, he will be attracted by topics related to the future of humanity. Of course, not all ideas will be clear to those around them: there will be too much fantastic, radical and absurd in the author's works. But despite the difficulties of perception, they will allow the reader to see a rough picture of the future.  

Astrological aspect in the child's horoscope

A kid, whose birth chart has a tense aspect of Mercury and Uranus, needs to be protected from stress and nervous tension. There is no need to overload the child with studies. Care should be taken to alternate active mental activity with rest and exercise.

A child with this aspect is distinguished by curiosity, but at times problems may appear in his studies due to his restlessness and unwillingness to study what is not interesting. The task of adults is to interest the child (for example, involving him in intellectual competitions, games, olympiads) and create favorable conditions for his development.

Influence of planets in some signs of the zodiac

The square between Mercury and Uranus makes a person's mind restless, making it difficult for him to succeed in learning, networking, and trading. But in order to make an accurate statement about this, you need to weigh the strength and qualities of the planets that make up this tense aspect.

For example, the owner of a square between strong Mercury in Gemini and Uranus in Virgo will have greater advantages in intellectual activity than a person with an aspect formed by a weak Mercury in Pisces and Uranus in Sagittarius.

Both people will have powerful intuition and originality of thinking, but in terms of intelligence, sociability and sociability, the owner of the airy Mercury will be in a more advantageous situation.

Lilia Garipova


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