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Neptune Square – MC (Midheaven). In the shadow of your own mask

The square creates an abundance of intense energy in the native’s soul. These are, first of all, internal complexes, fears and beliefs that prevent successful development of the communication participants. If on one side there is a higher planet, like Neptune , then a strong influence comes from the karma of the clan. The difficulties and problems that the ancestors faced are the same.

The native’s task is to transform himself from within from a complaining consumer into a winner and a source of unconditional love. Without these qualities, it will be impossible to achieve success in the profession, because the Meridian of the Midheaven in the 10th house shows the area in which glory and prosperity are intended from above. Quadrature creates obstacles to the goal, but when properly worked out, it opens up unlimited potential of energy and possibilities.

Dangers of Neptune Square – MC

Men and women give the impression of those around them slippery and unreliable people. At the interview, it is difficult for them to win over the employer because of the deep-seated uncertainty and constant doubts about the right specialty.

Square Neptune – MC includes endless reflection on the topic of the profession. The native mentally tries on different roles and thinks that in another area he would have achieved success faster. However, the problem lies inside: without self-love and confidence in the strengths of the personality, failure will happen everywhere, and especially in creativity, where the owner of the horoscope really wants to shine, but the slightest criticism throws out of emotional balance, turns on the stream of resentment and anger, and as a result gives apathy and unwillingness to work on mistakes.

The second challenge is to combat the untidiness that blurs the favorable impression of their innate creativity and sensitivity. Chaos often reigns in the house of the carriers of the aspect; they are not interested in cleaning when they are busy pondering the fate of the world and their own.

Rare guests remind them of the inability to be a master even at home, let alone a career, so diving into loneliness seems like a life-saving solution. In fact, this is a road to nowhere.

To study the square of Neptune with MC, friends and associates are needed, but first you need to understand the main pitfalls of the aspect:

  • gravitation towards a prestigious popular profession, which is associated with intangible and abstract, and the desire to get more money out of thin air, without making an effort;
  • difficulties in defining a personal brand, lack of understanding of one’s uniqueness and advantageous difference from others;
  • constant falsehood, fantasies, inspiration by strange projects, like financial pyramids and involving others in deliberately failed business;
  • dispersing energy in several directions: you want to work in a bank and play the violin at the same time;
  • poor study at the university due to absent-mindedness and soaring in the clouds, or the choice of a creative institution that will not provide a stable foundation for a career;
  • denial of mistakes and bad deeds, inability to draw constructive conclusions.

At a low spiritual level, there is a danger of earning money by financial fraud, drug dealing, alcohol, and the maintenance of dens in nightclubs. It is important to go to the upper floors of Neptune: the creation of spectacular beauties, psychology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, literature, photography, maritime affairs, in order to bring goodness and enlightenment.

Personal relationships

The native’s uncertainty, infantilism and fears come from childhood. One of the parents was a creative, impractical or sick person with an alcohol dependence, and with additional negative aspects, a drug addict. At best, there was domestic disorder, pipe dreams and unfulfilled promises.

The mother of the owner of the aspect could be completely immersed in her work and was not particularly interested in children. Hence the lack of a sense of personal value for the world and an addiction to the familiar picture of coexistence with a toxic or addicted person.

Bearers of the Neptune-MS square choose to work in strange places, near cemeteries, in former mansions of representatives of the upper classes or dilapidated buildings of research institutes.

They have bosses with seven Fridays in the week, optional, unpunctual and forgetting to pay their salaries on time. There are difficulties with business partners, quarrels in the family on the basis of household and financial disorder, as well as excessive romanticization of the partner.

Elaboration of the Neptune square – MC

It is necessary from an early age to choose a clear direction for professional development and follow it without giving up what was started. Within the framework of one business, you can develop along branches: a film actor, poet, TV presenter, or a businessman, investor, teacher of a financial university.

The goal of professional development should be the maximum benefit to consumers. If the business is related to food, then these are organic products, if the hotel business is health and relaxation, and not underground casinos.

For success, you will have to eradicate laziness, the habit of being late, postponing things until the last moment and instilling in yourself a love of order.

Any dream must be brought to a practical level in order to avoid the temptation to live in castles in the air. It is also important to abstract from the vices of parents by stopping addiction through deliberate practices of a healthy lifestyle.

Decorations made of natural talisman stones: serpentine , charoite, blue topaz , larimar and fluorite will help to cope with negativity and gain emotional stability .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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