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Saturn-Neptune square. Trapped in self-deception and rainbow dreams

The square of the planets gives rise to conflicts and obstacles in achieving goals along the line of influence of the members of the heavenly union. Achievement of success is real only with persistent overcoming of difficulties. These are not always external circumstances. Man’s main enemy is often himself.

The owners of the Saturn-Neptune square can tell about this, talented, but completely careless dreamers who are able to reach heights in the field of art and finance, but for this you need to try very hard. Aspect endows with pessimism, indecision and fears, which a violent imagination inflates into a hurricane of phobias. The native is afraid to love, to rejoice and does not feel worthy of happiness.

The danger of the Saturn-Neptune square

It is easy to deceive a person with the square of Saturn-Neptune and suggest anything, because he is not rooted within himself. By underestimating or falsely perceiving natural talents, the native believes the opinion of authoritative people, which turns his life into Russian roulette.

If parents and teachers are wise and empathetic, then he also flourishes, gradually believing in his successes and accepting them. Rudeness, harshness, unjustified criticism pushes to satisfy disappointments and pain in alcohol, drugs and antidepressants. Diseases and problems from the Saturn-Neptune square in the absence of study are felt by the age of 30, and often this is a clinic of neuroses or a mental hospital. The owners of the aspect should avoid contact with the occult topic, especially fortune-telling, because of their suggestibility. Having heard bad things about themselves and being scared, they can materialize the prediction of a charlatan. But there are other dangers:

  • talents are completely suppressed by fear and guilt;
  • inability to love and distinguish a real friend from a fraudster who uses the location for personal gain;
  • a tendency to lie, weave intrigues, write denunciations and commit forgeries;
  • unexpected blows from secret enemies during the transit of planets;
  • Stockholm syndrome, emotional dependence on tormentors and irritation at those who try to genuinely help;
  • carelessness, inaccuracy, poor memory;
  • the tendency to fall in love with indifferent and arrogant people or weak-willed with bad addictions;
  • playing on people’s feelings to evoke sympathy and pity, energetic vampirism;
  • resentment, suspicion, vindictiveness, chaos in thoughts and in the house.

Deception of the owners of the Neptune-Saturn square turns into big problems for them. This is a karmic boomerang. Any action on the lower floors of Neptune turns into pain, destruction and separation from loved ones. This is treated with creativity, communication with enlightened believers, teachers who guide you on the right path.

Man’s Saturn-Neptune square

This is a neurasthenic who always doubts his competence and talents. He can reach great heights due to the creative rise of energy, which is replaced by a decline in strength and depression. The situation is aggravated by the position of Mars in water signs, which makes the native aggressive in both inspiration and despair over failure.

He needs a loyal and devoted companion who constantly soothes fears and instills confidence in his genius. You need to understand that the unworked Saturn-Neptune square pushes you into conflicts and quarrels over trifles. A person is always dissatisfied with everything and finds fault with any little thing, especially if Mars is in the signs of the earth. With a weak Saturn, the native does not understand love at all, is gloomy and closed on himself. If Neptune is struck by additional aspects, then it hovers in illusions and is not adapted to everyday life.

Woman’s Saturn-Neptune square

The position of the planets in the 5th and 7th houses in the girl’s horoscope greatly interferes with love relationships, attracting men who are insecure and dependent on addictions, or encourages them to doubt the correctness of the choice. As a result, she creates for herself the image of a prince on a white horse, which is impossible to find, or is in eternal search, which leads to a lonely old age.

Probably a difficult relationship with the father, suffering from a lack of warmth and support, giving rise to complexes and fears. With the Saturn-Neptune square, a woman is recommended to undergo preventive treatment in neurology, which partly compensates for mental problems. She needs a partner with earthly or fiery Mars to awaken the zest for life.

Elaboration of the square of Saturn-Neptune

To harmonize the Saturn-Neptune square, a person needs to break away from sweet dreams and sorrowful thoughts that intoxicate the mind and deprive a realistic look at events. By soberly reviewing the perspectives and goals and drawing up a plan of action, and most importantly, steadily implementing it, you can get rid of most of the problems. It will not be easy for a native who is accustomed to living in dreams. You will have to develop discipline, exclude toxic people from communication, it is possible to visit a psychologist to cure addiction to relationships that bring pain.

You will need to first strengthen Saturn, and then move on to spiritual and creative growth. Photography, painting, dancing, and visiting religious services of traditional religions are great help. But it is better to stay away from sects. To stabilize energies in the Saturn-Neptune square with the help of natural stones, it is better to wear jewelry with amethyst , blue topaz , morion and sapphire , allowing you to keep your mind pure. Pearls and charoite are not recommended.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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