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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Lilith : the dark arts

The lunar nodes and the Black Moon (Lilith) are fictitious points, in fact symbols, and disputes among astrologers do not subside: can they, on their own, without connecting with the planets, influence the fate of a person. If the Ascending North Node shows the area of activity and the strategy of behavior necessary for the further development of the soul, and the Descending South Node indicates where to start moving, where exactly karma and hidden generic talents have accumulated, then Lilith is a sticking point on a certain energy of the sign.

In the affairs of the house where it is located, a person is overcome by dark thoughts and desires, and the quadrature with nodes creates an almost irresistible temptation to use long-standing forbidden methods along the line of the South Node. After all, there the native abused his abilities and perfectly mastered the dark arts, so he will want to use Lilith’s talents in this area even more than in the sign and house of her position.

Lilith Square Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

The Black Moon is closely connected with ancestral programs, just as the nodes show not only the development of the soul through past lives, but also the most characteristic lines of behavior and events in the life of its ancestors. Of course, it is obvious that they lived through the energies of Lilith on the lower levels of the sign, reacting negatively and evilly to the difficulties and problems expressed by quadratures. The native will have to bring the Black Moon to the highest manifestations of positive energy, but this is not easy, because when trying to enter the bright path, obstacles arise, indicated by the position of Lilith in the chart. If it is in Sagittarius, then vanity quickly flares up in a person, he succumbs to “star disease”, begins to teach everyone and does not tolerate a different opinion. The position in Gemini includes the desire to lie, steal, manipulate other people’s emotions both for the sake of entertainment and for the purpose of one’s advancement in society.

Only the benevolent Neptune, that is, true faith in God, or strong Saturn, when the fear of punishment blocks the craving for temptation, can resist Lilith.

The most difficult thing for the owners of Lilith in Scorpio , because, most often, in a past life they used powerful dark witchcraft to solve problems, or crimes were committed in the family that brought misfortune to another family.

If painful events and losses constantly occur in the life of a native with a square of such Lilith and karmic knots, it is necessary to repent of tribal sins. The roots of failure are there. In any case, the aspect implies immersion in the study of the history of a kind in order to find a relationship with the present.

Problems of the Lilith square with the Ascending (Descending) nodes

When the native sees such an aspect in his chart, and especially if it is Lilith’s tau-square with the North and South nodes, most often he panics and waits for heavenly punishment. The situation is certainly difficult, because the square of the Descending Node is a sign of incorrect use and sticking to dark energies, and besides, as soon as the native embarks on the same path, the higher forces instantly return the evil done with a boomerang.

At the same time, the square of Lilith with the Ascending Node creates an unbearable desire to make up for the lack of material and spiritual wealth in the house and sign where the Black Moon stands. For example, her position in the 1st, 9th, 10th, 11th house creates careerists who are ready to go over their heads for glory and honors. They make any deal with a conscience, eliminate competitors, revel in self-praise. Well, if they are smart enough to develop in themselves the talents indicated by the house where Lilith stands. Otherwise, these are mediocrity, elbowing their way to cheap glory.

However, everything is in the hands of the owner of the card. Only he himself can transform the low into the high. In the same example above, the energy of the Black Moon can become a powerful engine for success and the development of missing qualities in oneself, including intuition, you just need to play honestly, reject proposals that are incomparable with morality and purity of soul, and also do selfless acts.

For Lilith in the 2nd house, these will be gifts for no reason, in the 6th – selfless help to colleagues, in the 7th – good advice to friends and forgiveness of enemies. Every 9 years, temptations will overwhelm the native with incredible force, but we must remember that it is useless to weaken the Black Moon. Her energies need to be put to good use, not suppressed.

How to work out the Lilith square with the Ascending (Descending) nodes

At the highest level of study, such aspects give deep wisdom and insight, which makes it possible to prevent crimes, to see thieves from afar (Lilith in Gemini), murderers and maniacs (Lilith in Aries and Scorpio), to be invulnerable to the spell of false gurus of totalitarian sects (Lilith in Sagittarius) . The task of the native is to actively act on the highest floor of the sign of both the Black and White Moons (Selena), to abandon any dishonest manipulations in the sphere of the South Node.

Lilith’s strengths: artistry, intuition, cunning, charm and the ability to see criminals must be used for good: create works of art, help victims of violence, investigate crimes, understanding the psychology of perverts and murderers, bring deceivers to clean water. During the return of the knots and every 9 years, one must be prepared to choose between “difficult” and “very difficult”, but this is necessary in order to work out karma.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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