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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Saturn: Potential for Infinite Wisdom

The square is a tense aspect that forces the native to improve through facing difficulties and challenges. If a person chooses to suffer and blame everyone around, then he will remain in the same hole where his ancestors fell: the details will be shown by the Descending (South) Node of Ketu. His Ascending (Northern) counterpart Rahu, on the contrary, encourages him to take the best from the planet to which the quadrature is formed, and make his way through thorns to the stars.

Saturn itself is a planet of great trials. He is a strict examiner, but also rewards fairly. It is a big mistake to assume that once a square of nodes to Saturn has appeared in the chart, there will be no luck and you just need to dutifully endure the blows of fate. A person’s life will not be easy, but he is given a huge potential for efficiency and wisdom for great success.

Saturn Square Karma to the Ascending (Descending) Node

Lunar nodes always show the movement of our karma from the point of an overflowing vessel to a bowl that needs to be filled with new content. The square of Saturn to the Descending Node means that the topics of this planet in the genus of the native were passed through hard and with an abundance of various problems.

A similar aspect to the Ascending Node says that a person will face the same painful trials, but should get a completely different result on the beneficent Saturnian energies. If, for example, Ketu is in the 1st house, and Rahu, respectively, in the 7th, it means that in the native family it was customary to put yourself at the forefront, crush your partner and loved ones, divide and rule, or so they did in relation to the owner of the horoscope , and he was forced to build protective borders and did not notice that they had become a fortress without windows and doors. Now he needs to carefully choose partners, learn to understand the world of other people, endure and forgive, but not allow himself to be offended either. In a sense, this is the path of a saint who sees the imperfection of the world and a loved one, but accepts them as they are, without condemnation and aggression.

If there are a lot of positive configurations in the chart, it means that in a past life the native has already suffered thoroughly, having worked out karma, and now he just needs to pass strength tests or add final chords through certain actions in several trials. You will need to show nobility and humility.

If negative aspects prevail, then you will have to go through difficult circumstances, up to betrayal, imprisonment, illness, in order to survive and come out of them with honor as a winner.

Saturn Square Problems with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

The main difficulties await the native in any contacts with the elderly and government agencies. Even if the axis of relations is affected, as in the example above, then older family members may be against the marriage of the native with an objectionable chosen one, or strange circumstances from the outside prevent this: civil service, the need to repay the homeland in the army, prison in especially tough studies, if the native goes the old way of condemning and criticizing everyone around, hiding his aggression behind the mask of a respectable person.

In addition, women may have problems with conception, especially if the Moon is additionally affected, or it has its own aspect with Saturn. Their femininity is suppressed by the harsh methods of upbringing in the family. Men are also in confrontation with their father or grandfather, they most often understand that the traditions adopted in the family disgust them, but it is precisely the desire to live in a new way that causes the fire of discontent against them from the older generation.

Most owners of the square of Saturn with the Moon’s nodes choose voluntary self-isolation, tired of constant trials. Many of them work remotely from home and don’t have many friends.

In the topic of houses affected by the Saturn-Ketu square, the native is again inclined to show excessive caution or despotism, as in a past life or as was customary in his family, and along the Saturn-Rahu line, representatives of the state structure and in general events from the outside interfere with the transformation of his personality.

It is as if something interferes with the plans of the native all the time, whether it be a pandemic, a revolution, a collapse of the dollar, or conspiracies of enemies. However, there is no fatality here, just the owner of the aspect lacks flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to sudden changes. The world has changed dramatically, and the native stubbornly adheres to the old strategy of behavior, is angry that everything has become different, is nervous that he does not understand the new arrangement, and makes mistake after mistake.

How to work out the square of Saturn with the Ascending (Descending) node

You need to understand that you cannot enter the same river twice, and literally train yourself, coming up with different plots for the proposed development of events, rehearsing various options for your reactions and behavior.

Many owners of aspects are simply lost in a conversation with their superiors when everything does not go as they expected, but if they think over their remarks, answers and approximate dialogue scenarios in advance, it will be easier for them not to panic or be rude, but to leave the office with the desired result.

It is important to find a balance between patience and authoritarianism, otherwise a person will endure humiliation and depreciation for a long time, and then break into anger and self-destruction, expressing in hysterics everything that bothered him. It is necessary to mark the boundaries of what is permitted in relation to oneself, but not to hide in the fortress of fears and complexes, but to communicate with people, accepting them as they are. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to endure toxic and evil individuals, but you need to part with them without offense.

Feelings that aggravate karma will be condemnation, criticism, curses against enemies, humiliation of loved ones. The beneficial energy of Saturn will be attracted by any help for the elderly, the homeless, support for dog shelters, as well as the payment of taxes without concealment, a benevolent attitude towards the government.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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