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Square Ascending (Descent) Node – Selena: Trials by Light

The lunar nodes are like lines on the palms. They are unchanged from birth and show the experience of past lives and the karmic tasks of the future. The descending node (aka South and Ketu) is a symbol of innate abilities, behavior and reactions to the world, which are easily given to a person. It is easier for him to express himself here, but this is a dangerous trap, because in order to fulfill his mission, it is important to gain new experience in the Ascending Node (North Rahu), and this is always more difficult, especially if squares come from both nodes, implying a repetition of the tests of past lives in the present.

Selena is a fictitious point, the bright hypostasis of the Moon, like Lilith, causes a lot of controversy among astrologers about the reality of its influence on fate. Despite the denial of her power by many, ordinary people testify to miraculous protection or, on the contrary, retribution for the evil done in the homes of her stay. At the top of converging squares from karmic knots, it starts the process of working off past life debts, preventing their repetition in the sphere of Ketu and protecting Rahu in the process of mastering.

Karma of Selena Squares with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Both aspects are deeply karmic and can go unnoticed by people with materialistic thinking. Selena gives time to realize the problem and solve it.

A person passes a test of loyalty to the light side every 7 years. That’s when he receives a gift from above or retribution, which has nothing to do with punishment. He simply remains alone with the result of his inaction or negative actions, realizing that it is no longer possible to turn back time. Most owners of the square of Selena with the Ascending and Descending nodes intuitively understand what not to do.

The fact is that the square of the White Moon with Ketu symbolizes the tough confrontation between the native and the outside world in a past life.

This happens when the owner of the horoscope was brought up according to the heavenly canons of the Ten Commandments, and when he got into unforeseen harsh circumstances, he was forced to react in a completely different way from what he was taught: he fought, lied, even stole, but all for a good purpose.

In fact, the native in a past life or members of his family were forced to act not according to the laws of light, love and truth in order to survive or save someone. They could pretend to be henchmen of fascism, the Inquisition, serve in concentration camps, prisons for political prisoners, even participate in dark rituals in order to save someone.

It is much more difficult for those with heavier karma. A square of Selena with a Descending Node can also mean a crime committed for a purpose that is good only in the imagination of the native. For example, maniacs who killed prostitutes were sure that they were ridding the world of vice, the founders and followers of totalitarian sects sincerely believed that salvation was right here, in the world they invented.

The square of Selena with the North (Ascending) node warns – karma has not been worked out. All the contradictions between the desire to live in a just and noble world and the cruel reality are inside, and the tests of the past will have to be passed over again, only the choice must be made completely different. It is good if the native knows specific cases in his family and understands what to change. Otherwise, you need to carefully study the houses and signs where the knots and the White Moon stand in order to understand where to show humility, and not aggression.

Selena Square Problems with Ascending (Descent) Nodes

Many people are afraid of squares in their chart, expecting constant blows of fate. In fact, this aspect gives a huge internal tension, pushing to acquire the highest qualities of the planet at the top of the tau square. In the confrontation with Selena, the desire for perfection and purity in the affairs of the house where the White Moon and the North Node stand is actively manifested, as opposed to the low instincts of society and cruel circumstances.

Indeed, according to the South Node, a person himself can be subject to dark temptations, as well as be mistaken, sincerely accepting a lie for the truth, becoming a victim of circumstances. Many criminals were bright and idealistic people in childhood until they faced severe disappointment in religion, parents, social justice, and betrayal of loved ones. This is the classic example of a Selena square with a Descending Node.

A person familiar with astrology has a significant advantage. He already understands that the White Moon square with the Rising Node portends a repetition of such circumstances in order to change his reaction to them. Selena is waiting for the manifestation of Christian qualities of character: forgiveness of enemies, humility, love and mercy instead of fierce resistance to circumstances and resentment against the whole world.

Studying the squares of Selena with Ascending (Descending) nodes

On the other hand, such an aspect is an indisputable proof that they will teach kindly. A person will attract the necessary teachers, friends, mentors who will help him overcome the established reactions of the South Node. The only thing that can interfere is the pride of the native himself, the stubborn desire to live the way he is used to, and seemingly good intentions, which actually have a selfish background. Most of all, he needs to be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing and always check his inner circle.

Such a person has a huge potential of a bright personality, capable of detecting and defeating evil, saving people from darkness inside and out, so he will be attacked by temptations from all sides in order to lead the fighter with the mental and physical manifestation of evil astray.

If the native becomes a spiritual teacher, a priest, a psychologist, a representative of the law enforcement system, an ambulance worker, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a war correspondent, this will be an excellent study of the Selena square with nodes.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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