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Quickons Luna – Chiron. A fly in the ointment

Quickons is an aspect that is imperceptible at first glance, lost against the background of stronger configurations. Possessing the properties of both a trine and an opposition , he adapts to them, taking the side of those who are more in the horoscope. He has an independent effect, creating a repetition of karmic lessons in the affairs of the houses where the planets stand, and of course, in the emotional sphere, if we are talking about the Moon . This is the first planet that turns on from the very childhood of the native, providing conditions for the development of the soul.

The Quikons of the Moon, as a karmic aspect, indicates the need to create spiritual comfort from the inside, regardless of external events, because the asteroid Chiron in any scenario shows some kind of secret wound, vulnerability and a sense of inferiority, which greatly hurts the already sensitive Moon. A person’s sensual orientations are knocked down, the secondary comes to the fore, and really important experiences and conflicts that need to be resolved are suppressed.

Character and health with Quince Luna-Chiron

A distinctive feature of this aspect is the concentration of the native on negative details. He can perfectly cope with any business from the point of view of an observer: organize a party, conduct an operation, speak to his superiors with a presentation of his project, but the realization of overall success passes him by, he only remembers where he made a reservation, did not reveal the topic enough, did not smile in response to greetings. Even if everything is fine, he feels inferior. Concentration on minor trifles poisons all the joy from any business. Hence the painful perfectionism, comparing yourself with others.

Such a person is easily pissed off by a showdown on the eve of important negotiations or even a caustic remark about clothing. If a colleague said that the color of the blouse does not suit you, the native may lose the resource state for the whole day and fail the performance for which he has been preparing for a long time, due to a strong sense of internal vulnerability.

The native is disappointed in people quite often, but not because he is deceived. Quickons Luna-Chiron endows him with extraordinary insight. He immediately sees lies and pretense, and although this gift protects him from the consequences of a failed fraud, he is still very worried that the feelings of another person towards him are insincere.

At a high level of development, the aspect gives a good sense of time, not only punctuality, but also the ability to be in the right place at the best time. At a low level of consciousness, fear of the outside world and changes in life appears.

Quickons Luna-Chiron, personal life and synastry

The aspect creates a repetition of certain circumstances when a person can easily get to know a future partner. This applies specifically to long-term relationships. Sometimes men and women with the Moon-Chiron Quince do not meet with anyone, lead a secluded lifestyle, and suddenly fabulous love falls upon them, literally from heaven, and later they marry very quickly.

These people have a soft charm and an intelligent sense of humor, but they do not know how to stand out from the crowd, with the exception of the owners of the fiery Ascendants, the Sun, Venus and Mars. But even with the predominance of water in the horoscope, a person acutely feels injustice, and if the chosen one violates human and legal laws, then the owner of the horoscope will rather break off relations with him than join in a double game. At the same time, situations are not ruled out when, being married, the native falls in love again. This happens during the transit of Chiron and Venus, when they affect the natal quincunx. This is where the most difficult choice occurs, because the Moon does not like to leave the comfort zone, and Chiron is interested in everything new. At the same time, the native hates lies. It would suit him to have two families, but not to lie to anyone, but this happens extremely rarely and you have to choose.

In the synastry, the Quicons Moon-Chiron connects two vulnerable and vulnerable personalities. However, the owner of the asteroid will dominate, because he knows how to hide dependence on feelings and often laughs at the problems of the owner of the Moon, and he sincerely loves and tries to create a classic family. Both partners are very attractive to each other, and despite the difference in worldview, such a relationship lasts a long time.

How to work out the Quicons Luna-Chiron

The most important thing for the native to do is to find the key wound, due to which he does not feel satisfied with life. Most often, it happens in a relationship with a mother in early childhood. Perhaps too much was demanded of the child: to be neat, to study for one five and to be a popular person so that parents could be proud of his victories and diplomas. Subsequently, it is difficult for him to believe that he can be loved and accepted simply as a person without a train of high achievements, so any mistake is perceived by him as a stain on his reputation.

In addition, it is necessary to work out a deep self-doubt. Such people often suffer from impostor syndrome and are afraid that suddenly the deception will be revealed, and everyone will see that they are not as competent as they seem from the outside.

With the Quince Luna-Chiron, you need to have a hobby for the soul or two areas of your favorite work, so that in case of dismissal or conflict with colleagues, you could find solace in another area.

It is very good to have a creative part-time job, so as not to depend on the conditions of employment. For the native, the atmosphere in the team is important, and if he is infringed upon or not appreciated, he will not last long. That’s what a fallback is for.

In relationships, you will always have to choose honesty, you cannot live in two families, this will lead to disastrous consequences.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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