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Quickons Mars – Neptune: The Maze Runner

Quickons can be overlooked if the chart is dominated by strong positive or negative aspects. In both cases, it will not be up to him. However, it can trigger more powerful configurations or create a time loop of recurring events in which the native learns to combine the positive properties of both planets. This is not easy, because one of them is trying to follow the energy of the trine , while the other seems to hang in opposition .

The Quicons between Mars and Neptune is a very strange union, since the planets themselves are very different. Under this influence, a person passionately tries to fulfill dreams of incredible scope. Sometimes such courage justifies itself, but most often the native spends energy and health on obviously unrealistic projects, being in illusions. Mars is a personal planet and therefore there will always be a lot of deception, high expectations and confusion in a love relationship.

Character, fate and health with the quincunx Mars-Neptune

The aspect is the source of the strongest anxiety. From the outside, it seems that the native sets himself a goal and devotes all his time to decisive action to achieve it. Most often, the owners of the quincunx Mars-Neptune dream of fame in the field of art or medicine. They can really achieve great success, because setting a global goal, they manage to learn a lot along the way and gain recognition at every stage of moving towards a dream. For example, in an effort to become a Hollywood star, the native learns English, acquires useful contacts abroad, auditions for small roles and gradually earns a reputation as a professional.

Having set the goal of becoming the most famous surgeon in his country, he takes a lot of advanced training courses, takes on the most difficult cases, travels to foreign symposiums.

Yes, the owners of the Mars-Neptune quincunx may not achieve the final goal, but in the process they gain invaluable experience and recognition. However, the driving force here is not confidence in your higher destiny, but a deep anxiety that wakes you up in the middle of the night and encourages you to get up and do something to bring your dream closer right now.

The native is constantly tense, he is afraid of losing time, and cannot think about life without his illusory dream, so he does not notice intermediate successes. He lives all the time in the future, and not in the present moment, missing out on a lot of real chances for happiness here and now.

The owner of the quincunx Mars-Neptune is susceptible to viruses transmitted by airborne droplets. He should be more attentive to nutrition, especially its liquid forms, since poisoning with stale soup, preservation, and burnt alcohol is quite possible. Also, emotional stress leads to neurosis and breakdowns, so any psychological problems must be solved immediately, without delay.

Quickons Mars-Neptune, personal life and synastry

The native often confuses love and sex. Neptune is responsible for falling in love at the soul level, and Mars for passion and attraction. Men with this aspect take physical attraction for the love of their lives, rush to get married or begin to behave inappropriately, demanding from a woman that she belong to him entirely.

A scenario is also likely when a man idealizes a beautiful-looking girl, endowing her with qualities that are not at all characteristic of her.

A similar situation is with the owners of the Mars-Neptune quincunx. If a partner is handsome and brutal in appearance, he automatically becomes an ideal for her. Such girls are easy to seduce already on the first date precisely because of the confusion of the concepts of sex and love. If she is in love, she sees no reason to refuse the man she likes. Unfortunately, this is fraught with disappointment. Quickons will constantly attract such relationships, where the man is only interested in physical passion, until the woman stops idealizing the opposite sex and realizes her worth.

In the synastry, the quincunx Mars-Neptune means passionate love at first sight. In these relationships, partners must learn to truly love each other, even if the relationship began with the attraction of the body, and move to the highest level of spiritual and creative union. They need to avoid quarrels near the water.

How to work out the Mars-Neptune quincunx

The life of a native is like running through a maze in search of a coveted prize. Anxiety drives him forward and does not allow him to enjoy the present moment. One must be able to go slowly and praise oneself for intermediate successes, as well as to look at things realistically and come up with ways of self-realization, even if the global goal is not achieved.

The holders of the Mars-Neptune quincunx should definitely engage in art: dancing, acting, making films and videos, as well as sports, such as swimming or diving.

The native quickly expends physical strength, being in anxiety and tension, so he should not go to positions that require high responsibility and heavy workload. He will be good in a profession with a free schedule with the ability to creatively solve tasks.

You also need to be careful in communicating with people, because the native does not expect deception and trickery, but periodically encounters them because of his carelessness.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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