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Quickons Mercury – Pluto: diving into the depths

It is difficult to say whether the owners of the quincunx were lucky, because it contains both internal discord and the desire for success. This karmic contradiction must be resolved as soon as possible, because otherwise circumstances and people will constantly return to the beginning of the problem until the native chooses once and for all to enter the highest orbit of the planets of the aspect, discarding the fears of doubt.

Quickons Mercury – Pluto manifests itself brightly after 30 years, or even completely invisible if the owner of the card has many trines and lives a calm and prosperous life. However, in his youth, he makes himself felt by the desire to get to the very essence of any issue. The native is not just interested in solving mysteries, he needs to find out how any system works, starting from the top. This creates a reputation as a bore in youth, but in adulthood this quality of character becomes the key to success in a career.

Character and health with the Mercury-Pluto quincunx

When a higher planet is involved in an aspect, it may not appear at all for a long time. However, Pluto is not in vain connected with the deep unconscious and karmic past of a person. If a lot of negativity has been accumulated in the family, then from an early age he feels responsible for problems in the family and even other people’s tragedies, trying to atone for non-existent guilt, although its roots can go deep into his own past.

Without the development of Mercury, no one can move forward, so Pluto in this aspect inevitably turns on in moments of strong feelings and stress. The native cannot be carefree and careless. This worries him greatly. On the one hand, it is unpleasant for him that, due to his seriousness and striving for perfection, he is chosen to perform tasks that others avoid, but at the same time he feels his chosenness, despite hard work.

Of course, he wants to show his uniqueness in a more pleasant way, to become a famous writer, scientist, singer, but this is not easy. You will have to overcome a lot of complexes and prohibitions within your subconscious, because the peculiarity of the Mercury-Pluto quincunx is in the unconscious atonement of guilt through serving the interests of others.

Nativ is a very indifferent person. He cannot get past someone else’s misfortune, but often also intervenes in disputes and conflicts that have nothing to do with him, which creates a danger to life and health. At work, he is valued for his ability to immerse himself in the process and the ability to notice any detail, including it in business.

He also has the talent of a detective, from a tiny clue, he can restore the picture of a crime or guess who made a mistake that harmed their enterprise. The ideal choice of profession would be medicine, forensic science, advocacy, chemistry and the financial sector.

It is very difficult to deceive such a person, here is a powerful tandem of Mercury analytics and Plutonian insight.

However, strong feelings and repressed emotions often lead to oncological problems, so you need to learn to be more accepting of mistakes, your own and others’. The native is overly vengeful and critical of those who do not recognize his leadership. This is his Achilles heel.

Quickons Mercury-Pluto, personal life and synastry

It is difficult for the native to succumb to romantic attraction because of the excessive work of the mind. He is not fascinated, instantly reading the thoughts and intentions of another person, so there are no surprises in a relationship for him. At the same time, he is a devoted and reliable partner, just dry and a little prim in appearance, which does not exclude violent sexual fantasies, which he often hides. The contrast of external coldness and deep sensuality attracts a lot of fans to him, especially if it is a sunny or rising Scorpio.

Despite personal devotion to a partner, the native can be pathologically jealous, and it is in principle impossible to hide betrayal from the virtuoso owner of the deductive method. Therefore, you need to think carefully before entering into a relationship with him, although, given that he attracts partners to solve long-standing generic problems, all joint experiences are quite natural. The decision to stop the abuse depends on the strength of the native’s Pluto.

Quickons Mercury-Pluto in the synastry gives complex connections, where the owner of Pluto seeks to dominate and teaches the owner of Mercury. This is a karmic connection where everyone goes through a lesson in gaining personal independence and conquering emotions for the sake of a higher goal. At the same time, this is a powerful intellectual team capable of creating a long-term business.

How to work out the Mercury-Pluto Quinceon

If the native notices that in his life, as if in a circle, the same events, problems and complex relationships occur, then all the answers lie in the past of his kind. By examining relationships and similar events, he will understand how to work through his difficulties and move to the highest floor of the planets, especially if he studies his natal chart, paying attention to the 4th and 12th houses, the Moon, the Sun and Saturn.

Such people burn out very quickly, because they take on a lot. It is necessary to force yourself to rest from the burden taken. For relaxation, it is good to communicate with children and those who are a little younger, have fun in amusement parks, get carried away with any handicraft with small details: mosaic, puzzles, embroidery, pyrography, beadwork. Any hobby will do, but it is desirable that it be directly opposite to the main work. For example, if the native is a financier, you should not do numismatics.

With Quiconse Mercury – Pluto, it is very useful to visit a psychotherapist, because it is difficult for such people to be frank with loved ones.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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