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Quickons Mercury – Chiron: heavy breathing

The karmic minor aspect often escapes attention when analyzing a chart, especially when one of the participants is the asteroid Chiron , about which there are already many rumors. Some astrologers do not take into account its influence at all, which of course does not negate this in reality. However, a small quikons can be of great importance for the life of a native, if one understands its features: the combination of the energies of the trine and the opposition at the same time and the creation of a time loop for mastering karmic lessons. If in the sphere of affairs of the houses where the planets stand, recurring events occur and a person re-experiences the stressful scenario, then the quicons need to be worked out.

Chiron already shows some kind of internal wound and vulnerability, and as part of this aspect it becomes a crooked mirror that distorts the impact of Mercury. It is difficult for a person to adequately perceive and process information, to present himself to the world in the best light. His words are often misinterpreted and misunderstood. In addition, there may be problems with the lungs and fingers at the most important moments in life.

Character and health with quinceon Mercury – Chiron

Working with information is a sore point of the native. It is difficult for him to analyze different data, to highlight the main thing, to discard the unnecessary. He either plunges into this stream with his head and cannot tear himself away from reading, and not the best literature, hanging on the Internet and chattering on the phone, or simply ignores any sources of information, believing that everything is a lie.

Most often, it is difficult for him to separate the wheat from the chaff, the main from the secondary, and he experiences great discomfort, feeling insolvent. At school, there may be problems with studies, in terms of the inability to learn long poems, understand the grammar system of a foreign language, and in general be aware of any classification in any subject.

The mind of the native is very peculiar, deep, but attuned to subtle matters. This is a born medium and psychic. Sometimes he may not even prepare for the exam and utter fairly accurate information on the topic on his own, but memorizing lists and tables is painful for him.

In conversation, the native often uses active gestures, sometimes replacing words that he forgets with it. He reads a lot, but it is in colloquial speech that he has difficulty finding the right term. It is easier for him to express his thoughts in writing, so they are excellent journalists, bloggers, writers, secretaries, clerks and pharmacists.

However, at a low level of development, stagnation of thoughts occurs. A person in his imagination “chews” the same situation, does not want to learn new things, goes into gossip, gossip, wasting precious time. At the level of psychosomatics, such slagging with unnecessary information turns into problems with the lungs, adenoids, sore throats and constant colds, especially if he is forced to listen to unpleasant things to himself without the opportunity to answer, and they often say impartial things about the native, because of the strangeness of his thinking and manner talk. Hence frequent laryngitis and tonsillitis.

Quickons Mercury-Chiron, personal life and synastry

The native is considered a strange person, not noticing his deep inner world. Thanks to the abilities of the medium, which certainly not everyone will use for their intended purpose, these people have a heightened intuition. They easily see the hidden motives of others and it is difficult for them to fall under someone else’s love spell.

Quite often, the owners of the Quinceon Mercury – Chiron ridicule high feelings, trying to devalue romance and thereby ground their own need for it.

If Uranus and Neptune are strong , then the person is actually very romantic and sublime, but hides this quality behind ostentatious cynicism, considering his sensitivity as vulnerability. They will open up only to truly honest and loving partners, because thanks to intuition, they easily figure out liars and stay away from them.

The native should watch his language, because due to the inability to clearly express his thoughts and choose the right words, one can offend the partner and create many misunderstandings.

Quickons Mercury – Chiron in the synastry creates an intellectual attraction. The owner of Mercury falls in love with the humor and esoteric knowledge of Chiron, and he finds a reliable friend and interlocutor, however, both partners often quarrel and hurt each other with misunderstanding, because they are in different systems of thinking and do not match in terms of awareness.

How to work out the Quince Mercury-Chiron

The imbalance between what is happening in the head and self-expression is harmonized through the hands – the unspoken significator of Mercury. Already from childhood, in the development of such a child, it is necessary to pay special attention to motor skills.

An excellent compensator will be playing the piano and any keyboard instruments. The accordion is especially good with its combination of buttons and keys for different hands, which activates the work of the cerebral hemispheres. At the same time, this harmonizes Neptune, which will contribute to the strengthening of psychic Chironian qualities.

The native is a born craftsman, but even if his profession is far from manual labor, it is good to do it as a hobby. You can choose jewelry and carpentry, knitting, soap making, creating exclusive candles and toys. You also need to attend public speaking courses.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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