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Quickons Mercury – Uranus: forward, into space

It is believed that the quincunx has the properties of an opposition and a trine at the same time. In practice, this means an unconditional talent for the topics of the planets and the houses in which they are located, but also internal fears and complexes that prevent you from revealing your potential quickly and profitably. That is why the quicons will repeat the same circumstances and events again and again, so that the native finally chooses the right tactics for success and enters a positive storyline of his life.

Uranus is the highest planet, which already brings an element of surprise and unpredictability. It affects the fate of a person when he enters a conscious age, although some of the prerequisites for the quincunx, repeated throughout life, appear already in youth. They are associated with a relentless desire to know the unknown, to make discoveries, but at the same time get into trouble due to excessive curiosity.

Character and health at quinceon Mercury-Uranus

The aspect gives great intellectual potential, but it can doze off for the time being and manifest itself in a narrow niche. For example, a person may not understand history well, but be a brilliant programmer. A striking example of such a manifestation of the Uranus-Mercury quincunx was A. Einstein , about whom there are legends that he studied very average at school, and then, unexpectedly, his genius was revealed just in the uranium regions.

This aspect is not easy to live with. It makes the mind work endlessly, processing tons of information that flows through consciousness even in a dream. This makes a person brilliant or eccentric, and often leads to the office of a neurologist or psychologist, because some ideas become too intrusive.

For all owners of the Mercury-Uranus quincunx, a desire to become famous and go down in history as the discoverers of something previously unknown is characteristic. They tirelessly invent something and strive to explore everything new.

Their thinking is rather abstract, which creates difficulties in studying the exact sciences. Paradoxically, a person may not understand the average level of algebra and geometry, but in higher mathematics, quantum physics, and genetics, he can click complex problems without a hitch.

The main problem of the native is the inability to distribute the workload and the inability to monotonous work. He prefers to work on a burst of inspiration, in jerks, and often gets down to business when there are several days left before the deadline. At the same time, he is very worried about the incompleteness of any business, and if he really does not have time, he is still tormented by a sense of guilt. However, it is difficult for him to give a good result without a surge of inspiration. Hence the strong irritability and nervous breakdowns.

The ideal field of activity would be the field of medical research and any scientific direction where you need to develop various projects theoretically. They are also excellent teachers, engineers and science fiction writers.

Quickons Mercury-Uranus, personal life and synastry

The native will be interested in an unusual and witty partner. It is important for him to be smarter than everyone, but he appreciates a subtle sense of humor based on fluent erudition, so between a well-read bore and a cheerful talker, he will choose the second option and be happy.

Of course, the Mercury-Uranus quincunx does not directly affect relationships, unless one of the planets is in 5 or 7 houses, which portends windiness, many novels in the form of free, but no less romantic relationships, however, the aspect affects the choice of a partner by the mind and not with the heart.

The native wants his life partner to share his ideals, interests, and, most importantly, support him on the way to the main goal in life. Especially often men adhere to this philosophy.

It is generally difficult for women with Mercury-Uranus to find a mate, because they fantasize so much on this topic that all real men turn out to be too boring and insipid compared to the fictional ideal.

In the synastry, the aspect portends productive intellectual cooperation, where the owner of Uranus will endlessly generate ideas, being an idealist dreamer, and the ward of Mercury will figure out how to put it into practice.

How to work out the Mercury-Uranus quincunx

It is very important for a native to find his mission: to serve an idea that brings good to the world. The fact is that Mercury-Uranus quinceon wraps all the obligations and achievements of a person for the benefit of others, but if he becomes an adherent of destructive ideas, he will suffer from them first of all and much more than others. The Achilles’ heel of the owner of the Quinceon Mercury-Uranus is increased anxiety, irascibility. Sometimes excessive cleverness and pickiness repels potential friends and business partners from him. To relieve stress, he is shown running, cycling, traveling and generally changing the scenery. The more diverse his life will be in terms of events and communication, the more comfortable he will feel psychologically.

It is important for the holder of the Mercury-Uranus quincunx to also work on Saturn in order to gain the missing self-discipline, as well as the adequacy of self-perception, because the inability to feel any form, whether it is a brief expression of thoughts on the merits or the creation of one’s own image, leads to eccentric and shocking behavior. The native needs to understand where his personal boundaries are in order not to violate the rights of others.

As a hobby, it is best to choose psychology, astrology, figure skating and skiing.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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