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Quickons Jupiter – Uranus: life in pink glasses

The minor aspect of the quincunx itself is sometimes not strongly felt in a person’s life, with the exception of recurring events in which he needs to make an important decision, or to show the best qualities of the planets to the maximum. Moreover, if Uranus , Neptune and Pluto are included in the aspect , its influence can be felt already at a conscious age. Jupiter is a social planet, it begins its work from the age of 12 of the native, respectively, from this time it is necessary to observe what events in the houses affected by the aspect begin to repeat and cause a strong emotional response.

The action of the quincunx Jupiter-Uranus takes place on the emotional plane, as an opposition , and on the eventual, as a trine . A person is given the necessary circumstances to achieve success, but the internal state prevents him from deciding to go to the goal. And it is not always fears and complexes. Groundless optimism, unwillingness to delve into the details of the work, confidence that it will do anyway, nullify all the ambitions of a native with this aspect. He sees everything in pink light and does not distinguish halftones.

Character, fate and health with quincunx Jupiter-Uranus

If there are a lot of negative configurations, tau-squares and oppositions in the native’s chart, then the quicons, on the contrary, will do a good job, adding a drop of optimism, thanks to which the person will be able to consolidate the accumulated tension in movement towards the desired goal and believe that everything will work out.

However, with an abundance of trines, the same quincunx Jupiter-Uranus gives detachment from reality and confidence that you can get success and wealth without making any effort. The dominance of positive aspects is already relaxing, creating the illusion that the world itself will serve everything on a silver platter, and the quicon enhances this feeling.

Faced with difficulties or competition, the native remains in broken rose-colored glasses, but stubbornly continues to look at the world through the remaining fragments, again convincing himself that everything will soon work out by itself.

The owner of the horoscope idealizes himself and his abilities if he has the Sun, Venus and Mercury in the signs of fire and air, and even more so when they have aspects with Lilith. In other cases, we can already talk about critical thinking, a tendency to self-discipline and planning. The goals will still be global, but the owner of the Jupiter-Uranus quincunx at least breaks them down into stages and listens to motivators from the outside. In the presence of quadratures and oppositions, it is easier to get out of the comfort zone and start acting than to continue to go with the flow and dream.

The native has a strong desire to get everything at once in the affairs of the houses where the participants of the aspect are, because of this, he can rush, not notice the details, not see the catch, and lose everything, chasing several hares at once. You need to soberly assess your abilities and carefully study all the accompanying circumstances. This is much easier to do with Mercury in Virgo and Saturn in earth and air signs.

Quickons Jupiter-Uranus, personal life and synastry

The aspect with these planets does not directly affect love relationships, but it is associated with social ties. He causes such an unbearable desire to achieve his global goals that a person agrees to obey anyone and listen to any advice from the outside in order to bring the hour of triumph closer.

On the one hand, a friend-adviser really does not hurt, because the owner of the Jupiter-Uranus quincunx does not have adequate self-esteem, he needs to be corrected and taught how to make the desired impression without pathos, aplomb and pomposity, but on the other hand, if his producer, an adviser or just a friend will turn out to be a mercenary manipulator, the native will become dependent on such friendship. In addition, men and women with the Jupiter-Uranus quincunx aspire to the highest social circles, dreaming of a special life, far from the usual routine. With such a message, of course, they fall in love only with bright, unusual personalities, strikingly different from the people they are used to.

If the native himself grew up far from social events and celebrities, the quince Jupiter-Uranus awakens in him a sense of inferiority. He is trying with all his might to conform to the new society, pleasing and serving, so that he is accepted and not destroyed the dream.

In the synastry, this aspect speaks of a powerful business alliance, when the useful connections of one person and the innovative ideas of another lead a couple to success, provided that they learn from each other, adopting new experiences for themselves.

How to work out the Jupiter-Uranus quincunx

It is necessary to harmonize the aspect, oddly enough, through Saturn and Mercury, as the initial hypostasis of Uranus. It is important for the native to develop critical thinking without losing optimism. If these planets are in Leo, Sagittarius or Aries, impulsiveness and a naive belief in miracles dominate the rational principle, which brings a lot of trouble.

For the owner of the Jupiter-Uranus quincunx, fate will present several times a stellar chance to change his fate and escape from the daily routine, the main thing is not to be ashamed to accept this offer, especially if it corresponds to inner dreams.

With this aspect, it is good to engage in astrology, and one must choose a risky and unusual profession, for example, to be a pilot, trapeze artist, tester, although the native can also perfectly realize himself as a translator, teacher of physics, astronomy, computer programming.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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