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Lilith (Black Moon) in the 8th house

The fictitious dark planet of the horoscope, showing the degree of accumulated negative karma, Lilith , falling into the 8th house , signals the big problems created by the native in a past life, and the need to work tirelessly on the spiritual level and purity of thoughts in order to avoid distortions in the themes of love, finance and fatal mistakes in matters of life and death.

Astrologers warn that the Black Moon in the 8th house turns people’s hobbies into passion and dependence. Being interested in witchcraft, they themselves will not notice how they begin to practice magical rituals. Falling in love, these individuals are ready to put achievements and reputation on the altar of attraction. In the highest manifestation, Lilith in the 8th house, benefiting people as surgeonы or investigatorы for especially dangerous cases, the owners of such Lilith burn at work, forgetting about the simple needs for food and family. In order to avoid turning into lone wolves, they need to know the intricacies of handling an insidious planet.

Features of behavior

It is dangerous to leave the Black Moon in the 8th house unworked, because it strengthens and distorts the basic instincts of the psyche regarding survival, sexuality and wealth. With a high probability, in the past incarnation, the owners of Black Moon in the 8th house did a lot of troubles, could be marauders or even murderers. In a mild version, Lilith will tempt these wards, with the ease of obtaining money, through the appropriation of someone else’s property or inheritance not by blood line.

In the male chart, the Black Moon in the 8th house portends powerlessness and dishonor because of a woman, and in the girl’s horoscope it speaks of irrepressible sexuality that can blow up the minds of generations, influence fashion and history, as exemplified by the sex symbols of Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Madonna …

In an effort to control the powerful deep power of Lilith, people need to remember the general trends set by it in the 8th sector of the map:

  • irrepressible sexuality, change of partners or complete denial of intimacy, tightness and fear of intimacy;
  • the tendency to attract criminals and perverts;
  • constant encounter with operations or surgical actions, both as a participant and helping the sufferer;
  • important revelations that change life and consciousness come at the moment of mental crises, shocks, illnesses;
  • natural occult abilities, the ability to predict the future, see people’s intentions, understand the psychology of a criminal;
  • the ability to steal and appropriate other people’s successes so skillfully that no one notices the catch.

The karmic task is to give up negative character traits and selfish actions, to serve the world and family, to clear thoughts of black thoughts.

The influence of the zodiac sign

In the image of the enemy, the owners of Lilith in the 8th house see the world order itself, far from perfect, and therefore an unworked planet will tempt them with the destruction of their lives or those who act unfairly, from their point of view. Fearing their own emotions, they can close the heart chakra and begin to “vampire” the energy of others, causing scandals and tantrums. The Black Moon tempts these individuals through the themes of the zodiac sign, which contains:

1. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are bright and impetuous personalities. Sticking points – gambling in casinos and on stock exchanges, sensual pleasures, extreme sports. The thirst for adrenaline through the thrill is fraught with injury and death. Hot-tempered, prone to violence and destruction. It is necessary to use force not for the rough receipt of someone else’s love and money, but for the development of personal charisma and success.

2. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – spreading or hiding important information will serve as a severe crisis and stress. Spiteful gossip, carelessness and talkativeness can cause an accident (for example, chatting on the phone) or morally destroy such individuals. They  do not tolerate restrictions on freedom, have difficulties in learning, friendship and marriage. Such people cannot manipulate information, violate the rights of another, and they should not conclude deals with foreign partners.

3. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – the risk of losing money due to investments in an unreliable bank, robbery and theft. Such individuals tend to support partners, holding power over them through the ownership of all finances. They do not know how to control sensual impulses, it is easier to buy “love” than to achieve it honestly. Vampire emotions of loved ones or themselves become an energy donor of  powerful, greedy and intolerant individuals. It is necessary to observe intimate hygiene, plan operations for the lunar phases and manage their own energy.

4. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – frequent depression, bad relationship with the mother, provocations and evil words from relatives. Such people are susceptible to suggestion and magical influence, or they themselves defend themselves with their help from evil. Problematic pregnancy and childbirth due to health fears. Fatal passion and obsession with wealth, fame, which can easily turn into failure if they forget about selfless service to the world. It is necessary to eradicate depravity and go to the highest spiritual level.

Important aspects

Depending on the elements of the zodiac sign of the 8th house, Lilith shows the source of danger to life:

  • Air – air travel, mental impact;
  • Fire – fires and firearms;
  • Earth – natural disasters, ruin;
  • Water – the threat of drowning, shipwreck.

The picture is aggravated by negative aspects with any planet, but especially with Pluto , which is the male reflection of Lilith, and Mars. Such people need to strictly observe the moral code, stay away from criminal currents and hot spots of the planet. The tense aspects with Neptune and the Moon, destroying the psyche, should be worked through through creativity, throwing out fears and emotional intensity there.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Lilith in 8th House:


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