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Moon in the 2nd house of the relocation chart

When people move to another city or country, they worry about how everything will turn out, whether it will be possible to fulfill plans and hopes. And here it is important to understand that the natal chart is the foundation of life, but what and how to build on it depends on many circumstances, including new energies that appear when planets move to other houses when moving.

The relocation chart will show the changes. The cusps of the houses shift, and the planets find themselves in completely different proposed circumstances. The moon is our sensuality, comfort zone, relationships with women and mother, the ability to adapt to the world and understand people. Moving into the 2nd house, it includes in the native a strong need for material stability, and kindness, responsiveness, and parenthood become the main resource of a person.

Features of the transition of the Moon to the 2nd house of the relocation chart

When drawing up a relocation chart, it is important to understand that the planets remain in the same degrees and signs, but the house cusps move clockwise or counterclockwise. This should also be taken into account, because if the Moon moves into the 2nd house contrary to its usual course, then the changes will be swift, refreshing the mind and soul, but the person does not always have time to adjust to new energies.

The position of the Moon in a particular sector shows which topics will cause the greatest resonance of feelings among the owners of the chart.

The transition of the planet of emotions into the 2nd house from the 1st greatly shifts the focus on material comfort, but at the same time it is important for people to bring their personality to these issues, earn a lot and get high from it. This is a rather harmonious position, subject to a good aspect, because otherwise the problems with the self-realization of the affected Moon will move into the sphere of material prosperity, and such individuals will lose money due to bad mood, resentment, outbursts of anger.

If the planet comes from the 12th house, then all the secret aspirations will gradually take on real shape. Cherished desires will come true, however, there is a possibility that spiritual quests will end, and the native will put money relations above the desire to know the divine. If people with such a position of the horoscope are engaged in esotericism or creativity, then they will finally be able to receive income from their activities, and not just relax in the process of their favorite business.

The transition of the Moon to the 2nd house from the 3rd, 4th house encourages people to benefit from family and business ties, look for opportunities to purchase real estate and brings them closer to relatives. Sometimes such a situation initially indicates a move to parents or to the city where brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles live.

Moon in the 2nd house of  the relocation chart and finance

If the influence of other planets does not affect the life of the natives too quickly, the Moon very quickly connects the energies of the new house to their plans and aspirations through mood and empathy.

If earlier they did not think too much about stable income, quality food, their private property, now it begins to occupy all their thoughts. Moreover, a small salary, poor housing, fast food begin to annoy, and people realize that they deserve better.

If there are good aspects, and the Moon is in earth signs, then financial success will most often come in the sphere of those houses where it stands in the natal chart, but it is also important to look at where the ruler of the 2nd house of relocation is located.

However, the owners of the Moon in this house do not always earn money through it. It is an indicator of the special significance of material comfort. They can increase it in different ways. Women receive gifts from admirers, may be supported by their parents, or they themselves manage the income of the family and spouse.

A man whose Moon moves into the 2nd house begins to listen to the advice of his mother or wife regarding investment, choice of work. He develops a passion for collecting some rare items, such as paintings, coins, old books. He also spends more time at home, but not at the expense of work, because he is afraid of losing a source of stable income. However, earnings often go in amplitude: from the minimum to luxury and back.

Moon in the 2nd house of the relocation chart and health

Sensory pleasures are extremely important to people with the Moon in the 2nd house of the relocation chart. Unaccustomed and out of misunderstanding of what is happening, they begin to draw a resource from the closest means: food, sleep, communication, sometimes without filtering the quality. There is a high risk of dependence on sensual pleasures and delicious food, and then satiety comes.

It is very important for the owners of the Moon in the 2nd house of the relocation chart to draw a resource from other energies: to dance, do yoga, swim, even just walk in nature. Moderately useful fasting and starvation, they sharpen the senses and do not allow falling into a harmful addiction. It is also necessary to regularly undergo medical examinations, since the luck of the native depends on the health directly.

The negative influence of the Moon in the 2nd house of the relocation chart

If the planet is affected by negative aspects, then this will greatly affect the finances and energy of a person. Loss of energy, loss of money, layoffs, decreased performance do not appear immediately, so there is an opportunity to work out stressful aspects. Much more difficult, if such individuals are not familiar with astrology and psychology, their comfort zone becomes the accumulation of material things and signs of their privileged position. They do not see beyond this.

Such a person can become greedy and limited. Women quickly gain weight and lose the desire to develop and create.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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