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Moon in the 6th house

The moon in the 6th house of the natal chart will tell about the nature of the helpful, practical, attentive and hardworking. The owners of the horoscope are often appreciated as  good performers who know how to adapt to various conditions and requirements of the authorities, customers and clients.

In their activity, these individuals constantly find something new and interesting. They try to approach each type of work in a different way, testing new techniques and methods each time. Thus, their skills are improved and honed, experience is gained.

Routine activities do not fear these owners of such a moon. They themselves can create variety in work. True, if the Moon is damaged by other planets, then such peopel will periodically provoke chaos and disorder in the workplace. Fighting all this can take a lot of strength and energy, and stress and fuss will negatively affect their health.

The moon in the house in question also speaks of a people’s tendency to work from home. At home, they can create their products for sale, receive and advise clients, etc. Such people can be especially fortunate in the provision of services.

A damaged Moon in the 6th house is a sign that people need to be especially attentive to their health – physical and mental. They cannot be overworked. They need to monitor their diet, adhere to the correct work and rest regimen, walk as much as possible and breathe fresh air.

People with such a moon are often interested in medicine and healing themselves. They love to help others. For example, if the diet is good for them, they will certainly share their knowledge and experience with the person in need of advice.

The moon in the 6th house may indicate love for pets. Such individuals prefer harmless, cute, soft and fluffy animals.

Moon and zodiac signs

The moon in the 6th house is not the most favorable location for this star. Its presence in the house of diseases can give problems with digestion, diseases on a nervous basis, female diseases. Sometimes the disease may not be, but the feeling of lethargy, apathy and loss of strength will sometimes be present, and the person, accordingly, will be disabled during such periods.

And yet the Moon, strong in quality (in Cancer , in Taurus ), gives the native the necessary energy and opportunities to restore health.

A healthy lifestyle should be strictly adhered to by people with a weak Moon in Scorpio or Capricorn . People need to pay attention to hygiene, the quality of consumed products, not to expose themselves to the cold, and also not to overload their body with unnecessary sports training.

Moon in the 6th house of a man

Since the Moon in the 6th house of a man symbolizes mother and wife, the native distinguishes in the female representatives such qualities as intelligence, practicality, thriftiness and rationality.

He can meet his future wife at work, or they can be united by a common cause. Relationships are often built on a material basis. Sometimes the wife of the owner of the horoscope is lower in status and level of education.

Maybe in such a union there is not so much romance and passionate feelings, but partners know how to negotiate with each other and jointly solve tasks.

Moon in the 6th house of a woman

The Moon holder in the 6th house is tactful, constructive, polite and economical. As a rule, such women succeed at work, and in their house everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

The owner of the horoscope knows how to do housework. At home and at her workplace, she organizes comfortable conditions for herself. The moon symbolizes food and nutrition, so where this woman works, she can drink tea and have a snack.

If the Moon in the 6th house in a woman is negatively aspected, then she needs to especially carefully monitor her health. Tense aspects with Saturn, Mars, Uranus and other planets can give problems with conception and childbirth.

Lilia Garipova

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