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Mars in the 12th house

Mars symbolizes an active principle in a person, which prompts him to intervene in external events and transform reality in accordance with his desires. The 12th house does not allow the full potential of this planet to unfold.

The meaning of the 12th house is solitude, self-restraint and escape from the exciting events of the outside world. In this regard, it is difficult for the owner of the horoscope to realize his initiatives and get what he wants. He seems to lack the energy to carry out his plans. The subject rarely acts contrary to fate.

Personal characteristics and human behavior

The owner of Mars in the 12th house of the horoscope does not give the impression of an active and enterprising person. People around him often underestimate him. It seems to them that the subject is not doing anything worthy of their attention.

The owner of the horoscope does not advertise his activities himself. He tries to hide his thoughts, desires and actions from other people, and his work may be associated with the preservation of secrets. The native is capable of activities that involve a high level of confidentiality. He may also work in closed institutions, medical institutions, and in religious organizations. Sometimes Mars in the 12th house speaks of the frequent business trips of the owner of the horoscope, as well as emigration.

Subject prefers to work in a separate office so that no one interferes with him. He does not always understand what the result of his actions will be, but he tries to bring any business to its logical conclusion. He does much of his work intuitively. Such a person cannot always explain in words how he came to this or that result. The native has a rich imagination and good imagination and can realize his talents in art.

A negatively aspected Mars in the 12th house may indicate legal problems and periods of forced isolation from society. The native needs to be honest, truthful and just, as well as avoid intrigues, machinations and illegal actions.

Mars, its aspect and zodiac signs

Mars is an evil star, and its location in the 12th house – the house of diseases – brings troubles to the native in the form of ailments, injuries, accidents due to animals. Most of all, such a person is oppressed by long periods of stay in clinics, because in this way he is deprived of the opportunity to spend his energy in a natural way. Energy stagnation leads to increased stress and psychosomatic illness.

The greatest evil is brought about by negatively aspected and essentially weak Mars (in Libra , in Taurus and in Cancer ).


Mars in the 12th house of a man

The owner of the horoscope is secretive, careful and attentive. He doesn't like it when people interfere in his affairs. He nurtures his plans for years and acts only when external circumstances are in his favor.

Evil fate sometimes interferes with a man's life. Over time, he begins to understand what fate is and what lessons life can teach if he goes against the divine plan.

The owner of the horoscope may not have pronounced punchy and leadership qualities, but he knows what humility, mercy, help to others, kindness and charity are.

Mars in the 12th house of a woman

Mars personifies the masculine principle in nature, and in the woman's radix he will describe the type of man that she sees as ideal. The owner of the horoscope gives preference to men who are spiritually rich, merciful, creative and dreamy. The partner may come from another country.

If Mars in the horoscope is negatively aspected and is essentially weak, then the spouse may be sick and suffer deprivation. There is a lot of understatement in a relationship. Sometimes this location of Mars indicates the infidelity of partners.

Lilia Garipova

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