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Mars in the 12th house of the relocation chart

The moving horoscope shows how much a person’s life will change, where undoubted luck awaits, and what points you need to think over a hundred times before making a decision. It makes it very easy to choose between several cities, and especially when it comes to a family and you need to choose the best place for several people. There are houses that are traditionally undesirable to be activated by evil planets, since the native may not be psychologically ready to deal with the difficulties that have arisen, however, it happens that there is no way out, and you need to go exactly where the situation is not the best.

Mars in the 12th house just refers to such a situation, but this does not mean that everything is lost, on the contrary, you will have to do everything possible to benefit from its energy, or try to move to another place if there are many negative aspects. The fact is that the native will have to suppress his aggression, he begins to turn on the victim, provokes enemies and attracts diseases already on a subtle plane, which means that both consciousness and attitude to the situation must be urgently reprogrammed.

Features of the transition of Mars to the 12th house of the relocation chart

Active and decisive Mars in the 12th house finds itself in the illusory underwater kingdom of Neptune, where everything is not as it seems: you hit the enemy out of habit with a sword, and the mirage crumbles, it turns out that it is a windmill, and everyone around laughs. After this, it remains to keep your aggression to yourself, think over the tactics of action a hundred times, and at this time those who do not have Neptunian glasses in their eyes have already taken everything and received awards.

Of course, a person does not immediately fall under the influence of the 12th house . At first, he acts out of habit, as he did according to the position of Mars in natal , but later he is overcome by fears, laziness, he sees enemies and envious people where they are not, or vice versa, he does not recognize a competitor in his closest friend or colleague, trusting him with all his plans and dreams, and later faces betrayal and gossip. This, in turn, triggers the psychosomatics of diseases and social phobia: a person does not want to get close to anyone so as not to experience pain.

How exactly Mars will appear in the 12th house of the relocation chart is largely influenced by its position in the natal chart. Most often, the red planet migrates from the nearest 10, 11, 1, 2 houses, and their tasks are captured by Neptunian illusions.

If this is a transition from the 10th, then obtaining a career status, remuneration for one’s work will be in jeopardy. With a harmonious Mars, you just have to overcome internal fears and allow yourself healthy competition, not being afraid to infringe on someone’s rights, but an affected planet, on the contrary, will create an atmosphere of enmity and meanness.

The transition of Mars to the 12th house of relocation from the 11th sector is perceived more easily. The native is already accustomed to rivalry and to the fact that other people often interfere in his plans, now he will become even more cunning, perhaps he will weave intrigues, or, on the contrary, he will think over the tactics of passing the traps of other people. This position is good for freelancers and creative people, since the energy goes to achieving their own results, and not to disassembly in the team.

The movement of Mars from the 1st house to the 12th is difficult. The native feels exhausted, as if he is running up to his chest in water, as usual, but the goal is not approaching. At the same time, he is used to resisting enemies and defending his borders.

If Mars is in the 2nd house in natal, then now is the time to monetize your fantasies and creativity, or the income will be from some secret activity, and you will also have to concentrate doubly on the legality of earnings, because any violation will bring both fines and imprisonment in the future.

Mars in the 12th house of a woman’s relocation chart

If the owner of the horoscope is not engaged in astrology, esotericism, water sports, dancing, yoga, psychology and creativity on a professional basis, she is at risk.

After moving, situations of harassment by men can occur, especially when they are in a state of drunkenness. It can be both at work and in some secret places, for example, in abandoned buildings, dark alleys, even alone in an apartment. A husband can also throw out aggression on a woman, especially if he has accumulated it before moving, and violent quarrels are only a matter of time. With certain indications in the prognosis, Mars in the 12th house provokes betrayal in the family.

If the owner of the card wants to have a baby, then even harmonious Mars in the 12th house is still not the best position. Any suppressed aggression with it is easily transformed into various diseases, which is best avoided.

Mars in the 12th house of a man’s relocation chart

The symbol of male penetrating energy is extremely uncomfortable in the 12th house. This is worked out by sports involving intense loads, it is best to choose water directions, pair dances, or single sports, as well as cooking, since Mars loves sharp knives and open fire. This will be a kind of compensatory, otherwise the native will be afraid to express himself in society, he can withdraw into himself, childhood traumas wake up in him, which right now are perceived very painfully.

Leadership qualities seem to fade away in him, he becomes a follower, quickly gets sick, and often ends up in hospitals, so it is very important to temper yourself through dousing with cold water, as well as work out any negative emotions from a psychologist.

There are situations around him when you need to defend your borders, but when Mars is struck, it often comes to the need to fight, which is also fraught with various injuries.

If these events are played out consciously through sports, swimming, group therapy, even watching action movies and permitted expression of aggression, for example, screaming from the heart at a football match, singing karaoke, overcoming one’s fears through some kind of public speaking, then the negative impact of Mars is mitigated. .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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