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Midheaven (MC, Meridian) in Capricorn

The point of the Meridian passing through the top of the 10th house , the Midheaven , in Capricorn puts the seal of the great mission on the native. He seeks to reach the highest rung of the social ladder and is sometimes so obsessed with a career that he turns into a callous egoist.

The vocation of the owner of the MC in Capricorn is to be a respected and respected member of society, for which he is ready to be subordinate for some time, fulfilling the requirements of his superiors and strengthening his reputation in order to fly up later. This is a practitioner who outwardly observes the rules of the game, holding the ace of spades up his sleeve.

The main thing is to perpetuate your name, create a brand and create something tangible and solid. For this, the MC carrier in Capricorn can patiently wait for years and work tirelessly, limiting personal material needs. Such inner confidence is transmitted to others, an example of this is Martin Luther King, in whose chart the Sun on the Meridian in Capricorn made people bewitched to listen to every word, which made him an authoritative leader of the Civil Rights movement and a world celebrity.

Features of a psychological portrait

The native is helped by two dominant planets: Saturn – to endure difficulties and stubbornly go towards the intended goal, using the support of patrons, and Uranus – to be inspired by freedom and independence to create their own business. The public recognition achieved by the owner of the MC in Capricorn will be incredibly lasting, and will even remain in the memory of centuries, as happened with Alexander the Great.

The characteristic features of the native with which the MC in Capricorn endows:

  • thirst for approval from people who are authoritative for him;
  • pragmatism, responsibility, dogmatism, commitment to work ethics;
  • choosing a wise mentor or influencer as a role model in adolescence;
  • painful experience of error and fear of failure, low self-esteem, shyness;
  • lack of flexibility and adherence to the once chosen course, high moral principles.

The opposite point of the Meridian in Capricorn is in Cancer. The native needs warm emotional care at home and the love and dedication of family members to balance the limitations of Saturn with the bold innovation of Uranus. Weak imagination and emotional restraint also require constant development. Travel to other countries will help this, despite the very restrained interest of a person in a change of scenery.

Professional preferences

An increased sense of responsibility forces the bearer of the Meridian in Capricorn to study for a long time, delving into the details of the skill, and then hesitate with taking office for fear of not meeting the expectations of the leadership. He cannot be subordinated to a less intelligent and educated leader – a conflict will occur. Success inspires and transforms the native: along with the recognition of authoritative people, he turns from a closed workaholic to a generous, liberal and sociable boss who, however, will not tolerate lazy and slow-witted in the workplace.

When working through Saturn and Uranus, it reaches high positions much faster in areas related to the management of the world order:

  • political and military activities – rulers, military leaders, ministers, officials, senior military officials;
  • industry – textile, leather, footwear, woodworking, mining – directors of enterprises, managers, artisans;
  • construction – foremen, miners, miners, technical engineers, architects;
  • agriculture and forestry – farmers, agronomists, flower growers, plowmen, farmers, well diggers, surveyors;
  • research work – geologists, geographers, historians, economists, sociologists, cartographers;
  • financial sphere – bankers, insurance agents, financial directors of enterprises, usurers;
  • art – documentary writers, stage directors, sculptors.

The owner of the Meridian in Capricorn is inspired not by the prospect of a luxurious life, but by power. Therefore, sometimes the native prefers to be a “gray eminence”, controlling the puppets from behind the screen, and does not attract undue attention to himself.

Influence of the Ascendant and the planets near Meridian

A person with MC in Capricorn sometimes does not even know about endurance and the ability to endure the blows of fate, moving towards the goal, especially if his Ascendant is in the sign of Aries. Fiery energy gives charisma a revolutionary who knows how to implement constructively thought-out ideas into reality.

ASC in Taurus adds conservatism and dogmatism, but at the same time gives excellent organizational skills and a friendly attitude towards employees, the ability to appreciate the graceful form of presenting completed tasks. An ascending sign in Pisces contributes to the exaggeration of personal significance for others: the native is afraid to take the wrong step so as not to tarnish his reputation and waits, instead of taking decisive actions.

The position of the Ascendant in the signs of Air is favorable, giving the necessary lightness to the pragmatic Capricorn, as well as the presence of the Sun and Mercury at 10-15 degrees from the Midheaven, helping to pursue a career in the intellectual spheres. The presence of Mars gives success in the military field, and Neptune slows down professional implementation with a distorted vision of reality.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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