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Mercury in the 1st house

Mercury in the 1st house of the horoscope, like the sign on the Ascendant, has a great influence on the development of the subject’s personality. It determines its image and appearance, affects the manifestation of activity and the manner of a person’s behavior.

Mercury is a small but fast planet. It endows its owners with mobility, agility and good reflexes. In addition, Mercury is considered an intelligent planet. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Mercury (aka Hermes) acted as an intermediary between gods and people. This means that he was able to transmit information in such a way that one side would understand the other well despite the difference in consciousness and perception of the world.

Abilities and characteristics of human behavior

People with Mercury in the 1st house are active, adventurous, flexible in communication and have a cheerful disposition. They gladly make acquaintances, maintain business and personal connections, easily find topics for conversation and know how to joke. Interacting with such individuals is interesting and easy. They always have a fascinating topic for communication, informative information or the latest news.

Such people love to travel and make friendly visits. The influx of new information and live communication provide them with positive emotions. Transferring their knowledge and useful information to other people, the owners of such horosocope feel necessary and in demand in society.

The owners of Mercury in the 1st house of the horoscope feel comfortable driving a car. The feeling of freedom and the opportunity to visit several places in a short time is something that people of this type appreciate very much.

They are interested in any means of transportation and communication. Often they know by heart the timetables of trains and planes of their favorite destinations, all the current and popular routes, remember the names and contacts of carriers, taxi services, ticket agents, etc.

The extraordinary intellectual potential of such people is visible to any observer at first sight. These owners of Mercury in the 1st house under consideration enjoys learning all their lives. A variety of courses, master classes, webinars, excursions – all this fills the life of such people with positiveness and diversity.

Mercury, zodiac signs and aspects

The signs of the zodiac in which Mercury stands will tell its owners more about the appearance, character and habits. This planet manifests itself brightest and most strongly in the air sign of Gemini and in the earth sign of Virgo. Such people tend to look younger than their age. Intelligence is their calling card. People with Mercury in Gemini can boast of the fastest reaction and mobility of the mind. They make good consultants, sellers, intermediaries, agents, etc.

The owners of this planet in Virgo is more restrained, businesslike, practical, but this Mercurian type also has excellent information. Their strength lies in knowing the details of the most difficult case and in the ability to optimize work processes.

If Mercury in the 1st house is well aspected, then the subject is considered an efficient, constructive, disciplined and intelligent person.

If Mercury is affected by other planets, then its owners are distinguished by an uneven character, fussiness and curiosity. They talk a lot, but have little time to do. Such people possess a lot of information, but they do not always manage to apply it effectively. They often mislead others or load them with unnecessary information, without getting to the bottom of the matter.

The retrograde phase of Mercury at the moment of the native’s birth is also a special case. Such people know how to consider any issue and subject from several sides. They often change their point of view, notice mistakes and shortcomings where no one sees them, and also find non-standard ways of solving problems.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Mercury in 1st House:


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