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Mercury in the 12th house of the relocation chart

Now people often move and live on trips. It has been repeatedly observed that in one place life is in full swing: money flows in from all sides, new acquaintances appear, including romantic ones, unknown talents wake up, and in another two words cannot be connected, the world is hostile, illnesses go one after another. This is not accidental and depends on where the planets end up in the relocation chart.

If, when moving, Mercury goes to the 12th house, people notice a fog in their heads, which is overwhelmed by fantasies in a critical mass, they want solitude, especially if the planet is retrograde, and communication with other people is exhausting energetically. This is a difficult situation, from which not everyone will be able to benefit, and only under certain circumstances.

Features of the transition of Mercury to the 12th house of the relocation chart

People always get tense when planets fall in the 12th house under the symbolic rule of Neptune. This is a place of voluntary and forced isolation, illnesses, experiences, but also an oasis of creativity and spirituality. It all depends on what level of development the owners of the natal chart are at and how they use these energies. However, fast and light Mercury finds it difficult to develop in sea fog. Butterfly wings will not help it swim faster if it falls into the lake, but on the contrary, they will get wet and drag it to the bottom. Approximately the same emotions are experienced by the owners of fiery and air Mercury. It seems to them that thoughts cease to clearly form into words, fears and unrest arise during public speaking.

However, there is a key moment for understanding exactly how Mercury will manifest itself in the 12th house of the relocation chart. In any case, it will perform the tasks prescribed in natal. From what house of the radix it stands in, its impact on a person in the 12th house of the locale depends.

If it moves from the nearest 11th or 1st and also 3rd, 5th houses, it is a shock transformation. Sociable and easy-going natives suddenly become ill from the usual whirlwind of parties, meaningless secular communication, they suddenly realize how few true friends are, or when moving, the old ties are completely torn and loneliness arises.

Such individuals begin to look for a new social circle, they want like-minded people, they plunge into mystical studies of the interconnections of events in life, when their actions could harm someone, begin to appreciate a deep attitude towards themselves.

If the move is related to work, a dismissal may occur, or people will not be able to show themselves in all the splendor of their talents to the management, which also throws them into self-reflection alone. The exception is representatives of creative professions, for whom, on the contrary, this is a good position.

The transition from the 2nd or 4th house will encourage Mercury wards to sell real estate and go on a trip to the chosen country, or they will rent apartments so as not to be tied to a specific house, from the 5th house it will bring confusion to relationships with children and loved ones, it is possible separation, when, for example, children become uncomfortable in a new place of residence and they return to live with their grandparents. At a high level of development, on the contrary, there is a deep spiritual connection and even creative unity.

Mercury in the 12th house of the relocation chart, creativity and religion

If the native is associated with Neptunian themes: dancing, theater, drawing, photography, modeling, marine biology and archeology, restaurant business, service on a ship, church service, then Mercury in the 12th house will sharpen intuition and bring to the right connections so that it seems as if everything works out magically, like in a fairy tale about Cinderella.

However, the negative aspects of the planet are doubly destructive for creative people, especially if they have weak Mars, the Sun, the affected Moon, and Neptune is opposite in the monastery, but has aspects with Lilith. In this case, it is very likely to be involved in vicious relationships, addicted to alcoholism, drug addiction, getting into co-dependent relationships with abusers and scammers, and when moving from the 2nd or 8th house, there will also be monetary losses.

Probably falling into a totalitarian religious sect, changing faith under some pressure or due to a misunderstanding of spirituality, which is not always for the benefit of the native. This can only be avoided by including intuition, discipline and willpower.

Mercury in the 12th house of the relocation chart and disease

The 12th house is really associated with diseases, in the event that a person walks along the lowest floor of the planet. In particular, people with such a position of the horoscope may notice that as soon as they discuss their relatives, colleagues or friends in a negative way, and especially when this is done for a long time and using profanity, their throat immediately starts to hurt, acute respiratory viral infections of unclear etymology occur, finger injuries and limbs.

People can literally “croak” the disease here, worrying about how not to fall down with a cold before an important event, not to catch the virus in a public place. They become suspicious, think for hours why they have pain in a certain place, and suddenly this is the beginning of the end.

With a strong Mercury, such individuals simply solve the problem on a planned basis: they find  good specialists, doctors or psychologists, but the struck Mercury requires outside help, as they fall into the abyss of anxieties and phobias, triggering the psychosomatics of what they are most afraid of.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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