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Mercury in the 4th house

Any planet in the corner house plays an important role in the life of the holder of the natal chart . Mercury in the 4th house of the birth chart indicates that key events in a person will be associated with the themes of home, family and real estate. Mercury testifies to constant changes in the listed areas. It can be moving, attempts to endlessly improve the place of residence, adapt it to different life circumstances, make your home more comfortable and convenient.

Abilities and characteristics of human behavior and life

The owner of Mercury in the 4th house is emotional, sensitive, inquisitive and most often has a good memory. His parents have extraordinary intelligence and erudition. They could have inherited a love of reading, the need to write a lot and learn something new.

Mercury in the 4th house sometimes inclines the native to accumulate books and create a home library. Where a person lives, it is never boring and quiet. He gladly invites friends, good acquaintances and relatives to his house, with whom you can always exchange fresh news and interesting information.

In the 4th house of the owner of the horoscope, as a rule, all conditions are created for communication, training and transfer of information. This is, first of all, an established connection via the Internet, and secondly, high-quality and modern technical equipment: satellite TV with numerous channels, computers, laptops, tablets and telephones.

A person with Mercury in the 4th house willingly maintains contact with parents and relatives. He is interested in the history of his family and feels the need to convey this information to his children. As for the attitude towards one's homeland, it can be ambiguous.

On the one hand, a person enjoys studying the history of his land. He loves to travel to his native places and every time to learn something new for himself. On the other hand, the culture, customs and orders in other countries are also interesting to the native. The main thing for him is to form an impartial and realistic view of life in other cities and abroad. This will help him understand both the advantages and disadvantages of the current place of residence and make the right choice if the question arises about moving.

Mercury in the 4th house makes a person practical, economic and skillful. He is interested in all types of work carried out in the house. Such a subject can work where he lives, organizing a small workshop or home office in a spare room. Works can also be carried out in the garage or in rented premises.

If the 4th house of the horoscope is well manifested, then a person with Mercury in the house in question may be lucky in real estate matters. He skillfully organizes apartment and office transfers of any complexity, is well-versed in supply issues, and knows how to effectively use the workspace. Various storage systems, comfortable wardrobes and wardrobes that create perfect order at home attract the attention of the owner of Mercury in the 4th house. Sometimes such people realize their abilities by working as a realtor.


Mercury, some signs of the zodiac and aspects

If Mercury in the 4th house is damaged by other planets, then this makes a person superficial, restless and inattentive. There is little stability and peace in his life. Often you have to fight for your place in the sun, participate in battles with relatives, move from place to place.

Such difficulties are resolved more easily if Mercury in the horoscope is strong, i.e. is in Virgo or Gemini . Household and family issues are resolved faster and more efficiently thanks to the courtesy, diplomacy, constructiveness and good knowledge of the native.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Mercury in 4th House:


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