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Mercury in Scorpio – the critical mind of a fighter for justice

The planet that stimulates the development of the mind and is responsible for the success of self-expression, Mercury , in the sign of Scorpio takes a difficult position, being in the element of Water under the influence of Pluto and Mars , which affects a razor-sharp mind and stinging speech. The adage that a word can kill was clearly created after communicating with the owner of Mercury in Scorpio, who was in a bad mood.

It is rare for the native to be in good disposition, critically and aptly highlighting the shortcomings of the world around them and passing them through derogatory monologues. Only by touching on your favorite topics about death and sex will it be possible to have a sincere and interesting conversation with him. He is extremely worried about the otherworldly and mysterious: discussing this, he reveals himself as an attentive and witty interlocutor, not only possessing a layer of information, but able to see what is hidden from the eyes of the layman. In order to get along with him in the personal and work spheres, you will have to thoroughly find out the type of Pluto-Martian thinking.

Features of behavior

An incredibly developed sixth sense helps the owner of Mercury in Scorpio to be known as an intellectual, without making great efforts, for example, to predict the ticket number on the exam and prepare only it, or repair a complex device without special knowledge.

It is difficult for him to memorize a large amount of information presented in dry form, despite his love for the exact sciences, especially mathematics and chemistry. At the same time, he learns really interesting blocks of knowledge with ease. Given the interest in the occult and the mythological position of Mercury as a conductor between the world of the living and the dead, the native also makes secret information explicit, independently unraveling the encrypted ancient knowledge, showing the following characteristic features of thinking:

  • thinks over all the facts in detail before giving out a mind blowing theory;
  • possesses the gift of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming and is able to move a person or a crowd to action, using certain speech constructions, sometimes unconsciously;
  • rarely hides his views, openly and sharply expressing his true attitude, but if he decides to lie, it is impossible to unravel the deception;
  • has a secret or explicit sympathy for abusive expressions and caustic, sarcastic humor, can offend and ridicule others;
  • an inquisitive intellect and a great interest in dark sciences and forces, which often leads to psychological and physical trauma;
  • is able to express thoughts without words through characteristic gestures and facial expressions;
  • aggressiveness and resentment are compensated by loyalty to friendship, courage and the ability to defend the interests of justice, as well as a subtle sense of beauty.

Astrologers advise the owner of Mercury in Scorpio to be more careful in his statements, especially in a state of anger and rage: he can easily “scribble” trouble or jinx successful events.

Mercury in the sign of Scorpio

Male and female

The mind and organizational skills of a Mercurian man are most clearly manifested in stressful and confusing situations when you need to find a way out of a difficult situation. Under normal circumstances, he gives the impression of an absent-minded, mysterious and laconic gentleman.

The affected planet fosters a thirst for a criminal environment and a brilliant use of talents along the line of destruction, which is aided by a natural understanding of psychology, technical knowledge and the ability to calculate variations of multi-moves. The head of the mafia or criminal group most likely possesses Mercury in Scorpio, although the planet is no less effective in helping representatives of the light side – rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, police officers, investigators, surgeons and the military.

Even a native far from the army has sympathy for the militaristic direction, adores cold weapons and firearms, books and films about the war. To build personal relationships with this man, you need to be the goddess of sex, because this is an incredibly important area for him, without harmony in which he will simply disappear without further ado.

A woman with Mercury in Scorpio is a warlike Amazon, ready for verbal attacks, fighting for the truth, but incredibly witty and resourceful at the same time. He will never be at a loss when faced with danger and will not leave a friend in trouble. A tireless worker, but only in the case of an inspiring goal. A weakened planet plunges her into an abyss of pessimism and doubts about her abilities, which is why she has to be content with little with strong ambitions and this gives rise to sarcasm and rudeness in communication. Inspiration and strength will return classes in mystical disciplines, for example, astrology and detective investigations, even in a playful way.

Retrograde and important aspects with planets

Mercury in Scorpio in retrograde rotation makes the ward more secretive and full of suspicion. He is more demanding of himself than of others, but he also perceives any manifestations of aggression or ridicule directed at himself personally, which is acutely worried and breaks off relations with the alleged offender, who did not mean anything bad at all. This is the type of scientist capable of deep research and discovery. It is necessary to trust the world more, to open up in communication, not to be jealous and not to control the personal correspondence of a loved one because of their own suspiciousness.

Favorable aspects with Mars and Pluto strengthen Mercury, and the native easily pursues a brilliant career in medicine, science and the military. It is also an indicator of a successful athlete. However, the negative aspects with them are destructive – internal conflicts, aggression, the desire to destroy before creating a new one, painful passion and pursuit of the object of sympathy, sexual perversion, especially in the presence of a square with Venus.

Additional description

People born with Mercury in Scorpio have excellent mental focus and the ability to fully immerse themselves in their work. You love solving riddles and you are a born detective. The Scorpio mind can focus on sensual pleasures, and you often think about sex or death. You seem to be aware of things intuitively, through a non-verbal level, and prefer learning through direct experience rather than indirectly through books or lectures. You have mechanical ability and the gift of great hand work.

Perhaps such Scorpios could develop the ability to heal through the hands. Scorpios are quick-witted, resourceful, cunning, straightforward, sharp-tongued, and always ready to say what's on your mind in the most caustic way. They love satire and other forms of critical humor. Scorpios want to know everything and not reveal anything at the same time. You have the ability to understand what is stored in the soul of people and their problems.

Mercury in the sign of Scorpio gives the ability to mechanics, and natural dexterity makes it possible to repair anything. On the other hand, Scorpios can be stubborn, quarrelsome, skeptical, cynical, headstrong, holding the opposite opinion than others. You have an interest in the occult.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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