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Mercury in the sign of Taurus

The planet Mercury , influencing the speed of thinking and the success of self-expression, falling into the sign of the calm hedonist Taurus, slows down the rotation and makes people with such Mercury very careful in their statements. At the same time, having carefully considered their personal points of view, these owners of Mercury in Taurus will stand their ground, like partisan heroes under interrogation.

It is impossible to intimidate or bribe them, because this position of the planet is one of the most stubborn in the zodiacal circle. However, it is possible that after a few weeks, after analyzing the conversation, having read a lot of additional information, these individuals will change their minds or compromises, but demanding instant metamorphoses from them is useless – they can make a long-term enemy. If they have a long-term relationship in plans, they need to know well the specifics of the thought process of this rationalist with a subtle artistic soul.

Features of thinking

Even in childhood, it is noticeable that the owners of Mercury in Taurus hardly learn and remember new knowledge, and are forced to spend twice as much time doing homework as their peers. Natural diligence and lofty goals will help them not to lag behind, but they must remember that it will always take time for the information to be deposited and formed into a clear system. But then the memory will preserve the facts for a long time, which will help in studies in high school and university.

Individuals with such Mercury are not very talkative, except for financial topics. They will be delighted to support the conversation about shopping, exchange rates, as well as prices in the best restaurants in the city. Practicality and enjoying material goods are the keys to their minds.

Such people should also take into account the general features of the carriers of Mercury in Taurus, manifested depending on the strength of the position of the planet:

  • attentive and benevolent interlocutors, patiently listening to any confused speech;
  • conservative in convictions and faithful life partner – will prefer the well-known “old” (except for the position in the 5th house ) to the temptation of novelty ;
  • a trained memory stores everything heard, and every word of the enemy will be used by them in response speech;
  • lovers of good jokes, because they themselves with the good sense of humor, and also appreciates art and beauty;
  •  gourmets who prefer to rest in luxurious comfortable hotels over camping trips;
  • love exquisite and expensive things, but are stingy;
  • a developed sense of profit, which individuals can easily confirm with detailed arguments, help to make a career in the business sphere;
  • will never admit mistakes and will bend the line, even if all the facts are against.

The struck Mercury in Taurus requires astrological adjustments, as it gives rise to a gloomy slow-witted, prone to foul language and vulgar antics, ready to do anything for the sake of money.

Male and female

A woman with Mercury in Taurus is a calm and charming companion who listens more and occasionally inserts compliments or simple phrases, unless the conversation concerns her firm beliefs. Here she is able to act as an ardent arguer, which happens quite rarely, because Mercury in the kingdom of Venus encourages to seek beauty in communication and see the world through the eyes of a vis-a-vis.

The girl will eagerly support the conversation about shopping and cosmetic procedures, as well as about the prospects for her profession, which, as a rule, has been chosen since childhood. The spectrum of manifestation of her sociability is wide – prudence, generosity, modesty, tight-fistedness, coquetry, in her there is manifestation of sensuality, depending on the situation.

A man with Mercury in Taurus in his youth is a female lover, although he does not differ in the ability to flirt subtly, however, having chosen a beloved, he remains faithful to family ties. It is easy to conquer it – it is enough to be well-groomed and stylish, as well as to cook deliciously. Such man does not set a leadership position as a goal, he is comfortable in the position of a performer, if only to receive a high salary that allows him to live in comfort. The position of the planet is favorable for practicing handicrafts, especially jewelry making.

Mercury in Taurus

Retrograde and important aspects with planets

If the  Ascendant of individuals is in the signs of Fire and Air, this balances the slowness of the thought process with an orator’s gift and the ability to clothe a ripe thought in elegant words, which is evident in the example of A. Pushkin and O. de Balzac.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus, on the contrary, makes it difficult to apply knowledge and experience in practice: such people write on the table, spreading their thoughts along the tree, with difficulty analyzing the accumulated information. It is difficult for them to part with their usual way of life, even for the sake of brilliant prospects. New acquaintances and work are frightening, especially if there is an opposition or conjunction of Mercury in Taurus with Saturn, which also gives the slowness of speech.

Sextiles and trines with:

  • By the sun – a vivid imagery of thinking, the ability to own a word and not lose confidence during forced pauses;
  • Uranus – the ability to apply intellectual abilities in an unusual way and stand out from the crowd;
  • Venus – a good income thanks to communication in the field of art and literature, a beautiful voice, vocal talent.

To develop flexibility in thinking, individuals should read more, study psychology and communicate with different types of people.

Additional description

Taurus’ speech and manner of thinking is leisurely and completely deliberate. They are not susceptible to a quick change of point of view if there is no reason for it. People born with Mercury under the sign of Taurus in the natal chart are determined, practical, methodical, and conservative in most cases, while being patient and going through with everything. They are characterized by a slower assimilation of the material in comparison with other people, but as soon as the idea becomes clear to them, it will never be forgotten. They hate being forced or rushed into making a decision or action, especially if they do not have time to think and evaluate the practical aspects of the situation.

If something comes to Taurus’s mind – this is for a long time and it will take a long time to refuse it, since perseverance is one of their best qualities. Such individuals like to support what others have already started, especially if they can see tangible and practical results. They love to build and are successful not so much because of their mental ability as their ability to focus and lead a project from start to finish. Perhaps they have artistic or musical talent, perhaps singing or performing for a living. Common sense is not uncommon for them.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Mercury in Taurus:


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