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Mercury in the 5th house

Any planet in the 5th house of the horoscope contributes to personal self-expression, which occurs through creative activity. Mercury in the 5th house testifies to oratorical talent, love for public speaking, interest in journalism and the epistolary genre. The owner of the horoscope is happy to demonstrate to those around him his intellect and extensive knowledge in various fields.

Abilities, mindset and features of human behavior

A person with Mercury in the 5th house is eloquent, knows how to present information in an interesting way and attract the attention of others with a successful joke or witty remark. As a rule, in childhood, the native does not experience difficulties in learning. The main thing is that such a child considers the subject being studied to be interesting. As an adult, the owner of the horoscope pays attention to any socially significant information. He is interested in news and often informs his closest associates about the latest sensations and world events.

Such people have a special relationship with children. They believe that you need to talk a lot with your child. It is through communication that the development of children takes place, and therefore the native spares no time in transferring to his pupils the knowledge he owns. The subject can be successful in educational and pedagogical activities. He is happy to organize various intellectual games, draws, lotteries. He can lead circles, introduce children to creative activities, accompany them on various excursions.

Such a person believes that the main thing that needs to be done for children is to create an environment of creative diversity and lively communication. This will reveal the abilities and talents of each child, instill a love of learning and self-education.

Mercury in the 5th house of the horoscope makes a person amorous and windy. He is attracted to people with whom he can travel, learn new things, exchange news and impressions. If Mercury is damaged and weak in quality ( Mercury in Sagittarius or in Pisces ), the native flirts a lot, flirts, but cannot give his heart to any one person. Connections are fleeting and do not lead to permanent relationships.

If Mercury has essential power (located in Virgo , in Gemini ), then a person knows how to openly speak about his feelings and beautifully confess his love. Children, both their own and those of others, delight the owner of the horoscope. He prides himself on their intelligence, dexterity, efficiency and quickness.


Mercury and some signs of the zodiac

If Mercury is located in the signs of Fire (for example, in Aries ), then the native may have some kind of sports hobby. Participation in competitions, tournaments, contests and olympiads is fun. Such a person is excited by the spirit of competition. He certainly needs to be the first in everything. Mercury in tense aspects can indicate a love of adventures of a different nature.

Mercury in air signs enhances a person's craving for knowledge. From childhood he can be carried away by books. The native loves not only to read, but also to share fascinating stories with others. Intellectual TV games like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, “What? Where? When?” and “Its Game” arouses genuine interest.

Mercury in water signs makes a person a master of reincarnation. The native knows how to copy the behavior and manners of other people, perform emotionally on stage, create unique creative images. If Mercury has harmonious aspects, then the subject can be called child-loving. With children, such people easily find a common language.

The planet in earth signs in the 5th house is one of the indicators of business success. Such a person is not only practical, but also knows how to turn any situation in his favor. He rarely puts everything at stake, and his risk is always justified. He can be lucky on the stock exchange, in the lottery, in the securities market.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Mercury in 5th House:


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