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Opposition Chiron – Jupiter. Own system of reality

The planets in the war against each other consolidate their strongest qualities, each wants to win, and the native follows the strongest and accepts his conditions. Approximately such an impact is exerted by the opposition on the owner of the horoscope. However, Chiron makes his own adjustments, since he acts from the depths of the wound hidden in the soul, and does not respond to the call of the second planet.

Jupiter  is a teacher and mentor, like an asteroid with the name of the ancient Greek centaur, but he acts differently, rewarding students for any success. Chiron leads them along a narrow path along the abyss, blindfolded, hoping that they themselves will figure it out. With harmonious aspects, they get along well, but the opposition leads to self-aggrandizement up to star fever, constant fluctuations in confidence and timidity, internal dialogues, when a person convinces himself again and again that he is a teacher, not a student, although it is necessary to recognize in oneself that and other.

The influence of the opposition Chiron-Jupiter on fate

The native has a harmonious balance between consciousness and subconsciousness. He does not see the relationship between his inner world and the events that occur subsequently, or vehemently denies it. Such people make the most convinced atheists, because their mind does not accept the idea of cause and effect on the topic of God’s creation of the universe, and Darwin’s theory seems more logical and understandable.

At a low level of development, the owner of the opposition Jupiter-Chiron considers the subconscious mind a fiction or an instinct of the reptilian part of the brain, at a high level it creates its own reality control system.

The aspect between the 3rd and 9th houses is very indicative. The native is disgusted by the state of the student, and he seeks to discredit the authority of the teacher. Standing in his place, he will not tolerate dissent and will deliberately create tricky situations for students to test the accuracy of their knowledge. Such educators make sure that their words are accurately outlined and quoted. On the one hand, a person is attracted by a career abroad and foreign business trips, on the other hand, he himself slows down his progress due to deep uncertainty in these areas. He can endlessly study a foreign language, but he does not dare to speak it.

Other important points of the influence of the opposition Chiron-Jupiter on fate:

  • a constant internal struggle between the desire to live in wealth, satiety and prosperity and the thirst for spiritual and intellectual experiments (if 2 and 8 houses are involved, the more often a person finds himself in a situation of choosing between working in elite conditions, but not for the soul, or by vocation, but free of charge or with a nominal salary);
  • a feeling of internal breakdown in social issues: when entering a university, passing an interview, passing an exam, talking with superiors;
  • the desire to be a leader and the fear of rejection by subordinates, which encourages them to behave inappropriately: tighten the screws or, on the contrary, give too much freedom;
  • devaluation of the ideals of society and the religious values of other people;
  • the ability to see favorable opportunities where others do not even guess, and use them to your advantage;
  • the talent of an actor, politician, marketer, translator, manager, subject to overcoming the fear of public disgrace and not coping with the expectations of others.

The owners of the aspect are blinded by the first success. They immediately believe that this will always be the case, and begin to behave like real “stars”. The connection with reality is easily lost under the influence of a sense of personal greatness, but the more painful it is to fall.

Jupiter-Chiron opposition and personal life

Aspect gives duality not only in work, but also in relationships. This manifests itself already at the level of communication with parents, when the native cannot decide whether to live separately or continue to obey the rules and way of life in the family.

If Jupiter is in the 7th house, he will come across rich and powerful partners, a certain guarantor of his success in society, and will have to play up and dodge to take a sip of a little personal freedom. In this situation, the owner of the Jupiter-Chiron opposition will most often choose prosperity and stability, being content with a little flirting on the side, but will not do anything that could damage the reputation.

The position of Chiron in the 7th house, on the contrary, pushes for freethinking and freedom of relationships under cover. For society, these are exemplary family men, but in fact, in secret lobbies, they are exploring the shadow side of intimate relationships and various pleasures with might and main. With such a position, one cannot go into politics or spiritual teachers if there is no understanding of the urgent need to work out such dissonance.

Study of the opposition Jupiter-Chiron

The harmonization of the aspect goes through communication with influential people and various social institutions, study and self-realization, therefore it is not at all easy for the native. Sometimes you can not do without a spiritual mentor or coach. It is important to find a spiritual wound or a complex that hinders self-development and the implementation of plans, and start creating a new scenario instead.

Success awaits in acting and social work, politics, teaching, government structures and jurisprudence, but without working out the main problem: mental “disability” or incompetence, the psyche and reputation of a person suffer from his own double standards. If the overall horoscope is harmonious due to trines and sextiles, it is possible that due to these throwings, the native will reach a high position in society, knowing the world through relations with the powers that be.

The best talismans for harmonizing the Jupiter-Chiron opposition will be transparent yellow stones: sapphire , topaz , andradite garnet , heliodor .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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