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Opposition Moon – Ascendant. Love me to the stars

Opposition is a tense aspect. It generates a contradiction between the qualities of character, for which the planet is responsible, and the need to show oneself in society according to the properties of the zodiac sign where the Ascendant is located. To heal from the painful karmic baggage of feelings, it is necessary to harmonize the tormenting contradictions within the soul and mind.

This is especially difficult if the member of the opposition is the Moon , which is responsible for the subconscious, deep feelings, imagination and relationship with the mother. It is she who has a key influence on the character of the native, regulates the degree of his success in society and personal life. If there is spiritual closeness and love, and the Moon in the mother’s horoscope is in the same sign, or at least the elements that the owner of the horoscope has, there will be no problems.

Dangers of opposition Moon – Ascendant

Mom will be an inspiration and support on the path to professional fulfillment and the key to a happy marriage. But if she was emotionally cold or detached from upbringing, you will have to work out many complexes. The moon in the horoscope means the ability to be part of the whole, to join the team, bringing useful additions to the common cause, but this is exactly what it is difficult to do for the carriers of the opposition if the parents overly looked after them and solved all problems, protecting them from stress.

Another option is the lack of help and spiritual contact with loved ones. In this case, the native does not know how to become a part of a team or family, fears strong emotions, or vice versa, sins of mental exhibitionism, splashing out everything that he feels at the moment on others.

Either way, there is a strong need for emotional support, comfort, and approval from friends, family, and relatives. Without this, the owners of the Moon-Ascendant opposition feel naked before the merciless arrows of criticism or ridicule of their enemies. But if friends and mother are behind them, they are ready to fight until victory, especially in a verbal battle, given the talent for oratory and intuition on the verge of clairvoyance. Other manifestations of the aspect:

  • rich imagination, demanding emotionality, the need to communicate with like-minded people and ignore dissidents;
  • wit, quick thinking, unconscious reading of the interlocutor’s thoughts;
  • literary and musical ability along with stage fright and public speaking, even in front of a small audience;
  • the need for periods of loneliness to restore the psycho-emotional system of the body;
  • attracting energy vampires, dark magicians, envious people due to excessive talkativeness and the habit of sharing grief and joy with the whole world;
  • resentment, suspiciousness, and if Scorpio or Aries is involved, also rancor;
  • responsiveness to someone else’s misfortune, the ability to find the right words of comfort or inspire action.

Surprisingly, in the professional field, the easiest way to prove yourself is in trade and marketing, since a native, like no one else, feels fashion trends and people’s needs, being able to give what they need. However, this is also an acting talent, as evidenced by Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Hudson and Denzel Washington.

Love and partnership in opposition Moon – Ascendant

The choice of a partner is strongly influenced by the image of the mother. Men will look for a wife similar to her externally and internally, and girls usually seek to find a spouse, guided by the family code, or vice versa, breaking traditions and proving to their mother that they are independent in their choice. This just applies to a situation where there is no warmth and trust, and the Moon is in Capricorn or Virgo, respectively, the parent is strict and demanding, but stingy with affection and words of approval.

Falling in love, men and women with the Moon – Ascendant opposition experience an irresistible desire to merge with the chosen one, without breaking away from him for a second, which can be very tiring for the owners of Venus and Mars in the signs of air and fire, and incomprehensible for the carriers of these planets in the element Earth.

It will be easiest for a native to be with representatives of the water element. It is interesting that men with this aspect are unusually sensual and understand the world of a woman’s experiences very deeply, being able to give advice and support. It is much easier for them to find a companion than for a woman with an insatiable need to be loved 24 hours a day.

Harmonization of opposition Moon – Ascendant

Unfortunately, the owners of the aspect are frequent visitors to the therapist. If the relationship with the mother is far from ideal and mutual understanding, and there is no grandmother, for example, who can replace the feminine generic principle in fate, then the help of a psychologist is indispensable in healing children’s complexes.

Despite their shyness and feigned arrogance, the carriers of the Moon-Ascendant opposition are vividly revealed on stage, television, blogging on social networks, relieving the tension of a painful desire for public admiration and approval. They perceive the truth and criticism of their speech very emotionally.

Sharp on the tongue and unrestrained in anger, they often make enemies out of the blue, especially if there are additional negative aspects with Mars, Pluto and Neptune, therefore, to be sure of safety, you need to carefully formulate your statements. Astrologers also recommend that you watch out for excessive demands for emotional closeness with friends and not violate their personal boundaries. This will help the energy of natural stones: aquamarine , beryl , amazonite , chrysocolla and blue agate .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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