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Opposition Moon – Jupiter

Any aspect of the Moon and Jupiter endows the native with vitality, enthusiasm and energy. Even the tense aspects of Jupiter can have a positive effect on the Moon , because Jupiter is a planet of great happiness.

Opposition Moon - JupiterAnd yet the opposition aspect gives some health and well-being problems, especially if a person overeats or overdoses on fatty and high-calorie foods. It is sometimes difficult for the subject to blend in with the environment. Often he is not dressed for the weather or cannot create comfortable conditions for himself. He takes a lot of time to find a good professional who can help him overcome his personal problems.

The moon is responsible for intuition, and Jupiter is responsible for seeing perspective. Possessors of opposition between the luminaries often have the gift of foresight.

The influence of the opposition on the character and behavior of a person

The owner of the opposition of the Moon and Jupiter is always open to new things and believes that the future will delight him with favorable opportunities. Sometimes this enthusiastic, optimistic and cheerful person still makes mistakes in his assumptions, but despite this he does not stop trying to change his life for the better.

Often these people are concerned about social injustice and inequality. He considers it necessary to help the poor, unfortunate and disadvantaged, but sometimes people take advantage of his kindness. The native needs to realize that it is impossible to help all those in need, but taking care of one's own welfare is a natural duty of everyone.

Opposition of the Moon and Jupiter in the radix of a man

If there is this opposition in the man's radix, then this will tell about his idealistic ideas about love and relationships. The image of the woman of his dreams may be very far from reality, and this will cause problems in partnership.

In any case, the native will be drawn to women who are optimistic, educated and cultured. There will be many joint projects, trips and travels in a relationship, but at times such a man will still miss a free and independent life.

Opposition of the Moon and Jupiter in the woman's radix

This opposition in the woman's radix will tell about her generous and magnanimous character, about her desire to expand her personal horizons and develop spiritually.

The owner of the horoscope loves to do good deeds, but sometimes her desire to make someone around her happy is excessive and unnatural. In family matters, a woman strives for transformation. She is not inclined to be content with little and is always looking for ways to improve living and living conditions.

Opposition of the Moon and Jupiter in the child's horoscope

This aspect will tell about the lively character and curiosity of the baby. He is in a hurry to get to know the world around him, as he sees around him a lot of worthwhile attention and new for himself.

Children with this aspect need to avoid overeating and fatty foods. Daily exercise and an active lifestyle will have beneficial effects on health.

The principle of opposition in various signs of the zodiac

The opposition, in most cases, unites the luminaries located in diametrically opposite signs of the zodiac.

The aspect of opposition formed by Jupiter in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer will emphasize the importance of the spheres of career and family in the life of a native, but a person will have to overcome many contradictions and conflict situations in life. Sometimes the native will be torn between home and work.

If one of the planets participating in the configuration is stronger, then it will be easier for the subject to act in the sphere influenced by the star. In this case, the Moon is strong in quality, and Jupiter is weak, so the subject will invest more in the family than in studies and career advancement.

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