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Opposition Mars – Lilith: a provocation on the “weak”

Opposition is a tense aspect that operates throughout life. In the case of Mars, it turns on quite early, from about 5 years of the life of the native, and the child will feel the consequences of careless impulsive actions at about 9 years old, at the time of the first manifestation of Lilith , which will continue throughout life if the aspect is not worked out consciously.

Mars is already an evil planet, therefore, under the influence of the temptations of the Black Moon, its negative qualities easily come to the fore. A person perceives the world around him incorrectly, he sees aggression in his direction. He either rushes into battle like Don Quixote on windmills for no reason, or suppresses angry emotions and suffers from psychosomatics, playing various fantasies in his head.

Dangers of opposition Mars – Lilith

The principle of action here goes through the provocations of the Black Moon, which take place in the house of its location. For example, if Mars is in the 5th house, and Lilith is in the 11th, friends will involve the native in dangerous and dark deeds: tease, take on “weak”, and since Mars in the 5th house likes to stand out and be the first, special and unique, the energy of the aspect involves a person into a whirlpool of erroneous decisions through this vanity.

Such people often agree to participate in something illegal or extreme, although they do not want to, but it is important for them to become their own in the team. This can happen both at school and later at work, as participation in illegal undercover intrigues of the authorities, which can go sideways to the native later, especially if there is a connection between Lilith and Mars with the 8th and 12th houses.

The influence of the aspect also depends on the specifics of Mars itself:

  • retrograde and in a weak position – dissipation of energy, a lot of internal aggression, which was forbidden to be shown since childhood, therefore it is directed inward, and the person experiences a constant decline in strength, lack of inspiration, leads to resentment, takes revenge quietly, on the sly;
  • direct, in a strong position – a person attacks and attacks external stimuli, is unrestrained and does not see himself from the outside, he likes to fly over the crowd due to swearing, anger, fights, because it seems that he looks brave and strong this way.

Needless to say, any opposition is dangerous and often involves the native in situations that are devastating to the psyche and health. The source is the events in the house where Lilith stands, and the sign and house of Mars symbolize the reaction and actions of the person himself, respectively, the owner of the red planet in Virgo will behave completely differently than his colleague with Mars in Aries.

For a sufficiently conscious person who knows how to control his emotions, the opposition Mars – Lilith can lose as a need for approval by others of any of his actions, a thirst for the admiration of the crowd and the opposite sex. If this is not the case, he begins to hate them quietly or openly.

The positive influence of the opposition Mars – Lilith

The aspect endows with inner strength, with the help of which the native easily overcomes obstacles and achieves the intended goals. He desires, then rushes into battle and acts. With retrograde Mars, it depends on the person himself: to suffer from a breakdown or clearly plan his steps, and to gain energy through active sports or a strong environment according to the symbolism of the house: if it is 6, then colleagues, 10 – bosses, 8 – teachers of esotericism or financial literacy .

In addition, the opposition Mars – Lilith endows with incredible physical attractiveness, compensating for a complex character.

Mars Opposition Lilith and Relationships

Of course, the aspect will have a stronger influence on personal life if it affects the axis of 1-7 and 5-11 houses, but in any case, Mars is associated with the sexuality of men and women, therefore it indirectly affects relationships with the opposite sex. The position of the red planet in women is responsible for the image of a partner who is physically attracted, but this is not necessarily a husband, rather a dream image.

Opposition with Lilith distorts it, creates an attraction to men with a criminal flair, rude and assertive, possibly with bad habits. Moreover, a woman is sometimes ashamed to admit that she is attracted to such a type, she marries a decent person, but fantasies continue to excite the imagination and she may well change her spouse with such a character.

The Mars-Lilith opposition is often interpreted as a possibility of rape, but this more often happens precisely because of the idealization of negative characters and hope: he will be different with me, or because of subconscious aggression towards men, which the owners of retro Mars carefully suppress.

The stronger sex with such an opposition just shows excessive assertiveness and rudeness in conquering a woman, sometimes simply not knowing how to express his interest in her otherwise.

How to work out the opposition Mars – Lilith

Tension can be removed only by active actions along the line of the house where Mars stands, and by the desire to reach the highest floor of the sign in which Lilith is located through its symbolism.

For example, if Mars is in the 5th house, you need to actively engage in hobbies, lead a rich cultural life, attending various championships, festivals, concerts, expand your social circle, while deliberately avoiding the company of losers, pessimists and aggressors. Lilith in the 11th house can give creative like-minded people with original thinking, whose goal is to improve the world through active actions. This is what we should strive for. By this principle, you can work out any axis of houses.

A strong talisman stone with the opposition Mars – Lilith – ruby .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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