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Opposition Saturn – Ascendant. Difficulties of self-affirmation

Competently using the huge potential of energy generated by the opposition, a person is able to reach great heights. However, when Saturn comes into play, you have to be patient and accumulate wisdom through accepting defeat, abandoning open conflicts. They will inevitably arise along the line of professional realization in society, which is symbolized by the Ascendant, and also the native will outrage the conservatism of thinking, hypocrisy, sluggishness and sycophancy in dealing with people.

The birth of the owner of the horoscope is most often overshadowed by difficult childbirth or medical errors due to the doctor’s actions according to the stereotype or the mother’s refusal of medical care, for example, giving birth at home with the support of a midwife. Subsequently, the interference of others in the affairs of a person will disrupt his carefully thought out plans, and the poverty of the family will prompt him to stubbornly strive for the top of the social ladder.

Features of opposition Saturn – Ascendant

Owners of the aspect are unusually careful in communication and at first keep an emotional distance. If the planet of order is in Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn, those around them perceive them as cold and arrogant bores, although the same people would be surprised to learn how deep and multifaceted the inner world of a person who is seemingly interested only in work and progress to power.

The native’s childhood, darkened by a strained relationship with his father, or his substitute family member, is the reason for a wary attitude even towards those who are intuitively sympathetic to him. It’s just fear of heartache and frustration.

With the position of Saturn in the 6th house, obstacles to professional implementation, independent of the will of the cardholder, will constantly arise in life: dislike of the bosses, the collapse of the company, lack of customer interest or termination of the contract due to illness.

Also, there may be ailments associated with the skeletal and nervous system, rheumatism is likely to old age. To avoid this, you need to carefully work out the goals and objectives of the 6th house. The constant fear of being rejected and feeling unworthy of happiness haunts the owners of the opposition Saturn – Ascendant all their lives. Other aspect features:

  • lack of self-confidence, dependence of inspiration and desire to act on the approval and praise of other people, reticence with unconditional erudition and erudition;
  • intelligence, seriousness, responsibility, discipline, loyalty to word and deed;
  • work and reputation come first, money is secondary, family is in third place;
  • looking back at competitors: it seems that others are doing better, which encourages self-improvement at a high level of development, and to quit at a low level of consciousness;
  • craving for communication with people older in age, or possessing Saturnian character traits: reliability and calmness;
  • the desire to control other people in order to feel their strength, often through criticism or sarcastic humor.

The opposition of Saturn and the Ascendant is most often an indicator of longevity, despite the fact that old age can be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms of rheumatism and osteochondrosis. However, the native is far-sighted enough to make money on comfortable living conditions and treatment in expensive clinics.

Love and marriage with opposition Saturn – Ascendant

As with other aspects of the planet of power, men and women are not advised to marry before the age of 30, especially if she is in the 7th sector of the horoscope. With good karma, marriage will bring happiness, the union will be durable and strong, but most often the lack of emotional warmth on the part of the father in childhood gives rise to a deep confidence that the native is not good enough to be loved just like that, without any conditions.

Men and women with the opposition Saturn – Ascendant attract tough and cold partners who assess their every step from a position of inflated standards, criticizing and even humiliating. This is all the more likely if their parents behaved in a similar way.

The fear of falling into a dependent position or negative experience with a previous companion throws to the other extreme: an alliance with a young and carefree partner, for whom the native will be the absolute authority. In any case, never the owner of the opposition Saturn – Ascendant will learn so much about life as in relationships with business and marriage partners. By isolating himself from society, he only aggravates karma and complicates fate.

Harmonization of opposition Saturn – Ascendant

With the right use of forces, the tension of the aspect gives the desire to work tirelessly on your destiny. A native is a strong and trained person with many plans, goals and aspirations. They are excellent lawyers, scientists, filmmakers, leaders of all directions, strategists and military leaders.

The main thing is not to allow the periods of loneliness necessary for inner balance to fill life completely. Only in contact with people, through close relationships, does development and transition to a new stage take place. If you feel that stagnation has come and apathy is sucked in, then the time has come for new acquaintances.

With the position of Saturn in the 6th house, you need to pay increased attention to health, relax in sanatoriums, walk a lot, do yoga. In any case, it is important to communicate with interest with older people, both employees of the company and neighbors, to help financially and adopt their experience.

To become a more contact and emotional person, to heal the wounds of the past, correctly selected talisman stones specifically for the Saturn – Ascendant opposition: aquamarine , imperial topaz , tanzanite, blue and thunderstorm spinel.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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