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Opposition Saturn-Uranus. Between conservatism and innovation

Opposition of planets makes opposing energies fight in collision. This opposition strengthens one or the other participant of the aspect, and in a person the higher principle fights against the lower, according to which of them is more pronounced. Here you need to negotiate with yourself, and external circumstances will adjust.

Opposition Saturn-Uranus makes you toss between airy idealism and long-standing traditions. The native wants to create something new, make discoveries, but the fear of looking ridiculous and ridiculous in isolation from the familiar system of values ​​hangs on his feet like pood weights, preventing him from flying high.

The influence of the opposition Saturn-Uranus on fate

The wings of talent will unfold only when overcoming complexes, when it will be possible to introduce innovative changes on the basis of proven knowledge, without denial and ridicule, but taking the best and adding something new. This is the most difficult thing for the owners of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, because by their nature they are radical-minded and eager for instant approval and support. Criticism or advice on improving the system they have invented is perceived as a personal insult, which is why they are so aggressively opposing authorities in areas of interest to them.

Some leaders of the company benefit from using such a sharp-tongued and tactless employee in order to knock off unnecessary arrogance from others and encourage them to improve their work. But if Saturn dominates, the native will keep his opinion to himself, expressing only what will definitely not cause a negative reaction. This reduces the chances of success, but there will be fewer enemies.

Denial of uranian intuition leads to limitations and destruction of abilities, and other negative properties of the aspect also appear:

  • moodiness, irritability, haste in making decisions of global importance;
  • tactlessness in communication and public speaking, lack of good manners and eccentric behavior;
  • contempt for social conventions, dress code;
  • lack of stability, reliability, punctuality;
  • they plan everything to the smallest detail and are very worried when life does not go according to the script, or vice versa, they deny the usual daily routine: they work at night, they take vacations in winter;
  • in a high position – the risk of loss of reputation and financial savings;
  • poor health and vulnerability of the skeletal system.

By shifting the focus of behavior to the principle of Uranus , the native remains alone, because he does not know how to stay on a clear Saturnian platform, and any, even logical and harmless, rules cause a desire to burn those who disagree with fire and sword, while it is possible to simply agree. Dangerous periods when a person simply destroys all past achievements – 29-30 and 60 years.

Love and marriage with Saturn-Uranus opposition

The best option is to get married at a young age, when calculation and excessive caution have not yet blocked the ability to love and follow the intuition of the heart. It is in their personal lives that the owners of the Saturn-Uranus opposition are recommended to turn off their head and listen to their inner voice. The easiest way to do this is for the owners of the Sun and Ascendant in air, water and fire signs. Those who have them in the element of the earth, more purposeful and practical, are aimed at a mutually beneficial marriage with a partner from a good family and a rich dowry, but they may not foresee that a sincerely loving, although not wealthy person could become the best helper and companion in sorrow and joy than the chosen one accustomed to luxury and comfort.

In any case, ideological disputes and the struggle for power within the family are not excluded, especially when the 1st, 4th and 7th houses are affected. This is facilitated by the waywardness, mood swings and arrogance of the native. Men and women with the opposition Saturn-Uranus are fascinated by bold and eccentric people with Venus and Mars in Aquarius , but the owners of these planets in Taurus and Capricorn are more suitable for family life.

Working out the opposition Saturn-Uranus

As with squaring, this aspect is worked out by developing flexibility of thinking, tact and diplomacy. It is necessary to recognize the right of people to make mistakes and be able to adapt to changes in circumstances without falling into depression.

Balance in everything: work on a schedule, with a reasonable load distribution, not on a whim, not a different day from night. The freedom to express one’s emotions and knowledge must be combined with respect for the feelings of others. Personal boundaries are carefully guarded, but without scandals and aggression.

Irritability and internal stress are well relieved by speed: cycling and car racing, running, brisk walking, as well as traveling, solve this problem.

The owners of the Saturn-Uranus opposition are shown to engage in astrology, this is a tool for self-knowledge and confident forecasting of the future, thanks to which they will be able to use even the slightest opportunities for success. The native’s talents are also prominent in the aviation, automotive and electronics industries, financial management and politics.

As a talisman that stabilizes the imbalance of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, fluorite is excellent, expanding the boundaries of consciousness and contributing to harmonious communication with others. The tiger’s eye will protect you from waste and losses, and the brown cat’s eye will protect you from enemies and awaken the sympathy of the collective.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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