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Opposition Uranus – Ascendant. Life under lightning strikes

The opposition has two sides: these are karmically accumulated complexes that hinder progress, and the rudiments of bright talents, which the native will develop in opposition to society, while simultaneously healing the soul. That is why it is important to know exactly where the complex aspect will manifest itself, especially when one of the participants is the king of eccentricity among the planets – Uranus , bringing chaos and inciting to shocking antics in public.

Even the birth of the native itself most likely happened in a thunderstorm, or there was a fire in the hospital or a power outage at the right time. Labor may have had to be induced or removed by caesarean section. In the future, you need to be extremely careful at work, because with the opposition Uranus – Ascendant, industrial injuries are a common thing. The plus is that thanks to a fresh look, extraordinary thinking and knowledge of advanced technologies, the native will quickly become famous.

Features of the opposition Uranus – Ascendant

Strange people surround a person from birth. There is constant confusion in the family, lack of comfort, moving, and the house rather resembles a courtyard. And nevertheless, it is to eccentric eccentrics that he is drawn all his life, although embarrassing situations occur because of them, loss of money and even stains on his reputation. However, the carriers of the opposition Uranus – Ascendant themselves are not averse to tickling the nerves of those around them with theatrical outbursts of emotions or rebellious speeches against the authorities.

They cannot stand conservatism and stereotypes, trying to keep abreast of the latest research in any field and apply them in practice. Love for freedom and modern technology can reach the point of absurdity when there is a rejection of the useful experience accumulated over the centuries and the traditional relationship between a man and a woman because of an unconscious protest. Especially the carriers of the Sun, Ascendant and Uranus sin in this in the signs of air and fire, while the wards of the elements of water and earth are more balanced.

But in any case, relations with business and marriage partners will be far from stable. Other manifestations of opposition:

  • unusual style of clothing and behavior: they choose incongruous bright colors, speak defiantly loudly, openly say obscene things to their face or what they think at the moment;
  • sarcastic sense of humor and addiction to dirty jokes at work, disregard for etiquette and dress code;
  • relationships are a source of stress, confrontation of mentalities, disputes and even danger with bad aspects;
  • aversion to responsibilities at home, everyday life, the traditional distribution of the roles of husband and wife, early separation from parents;
  • bright leadership beginning, the ability to captivate with your ideas and create a new trend in science;
  • the desire to arrange surprises for dear people, holidays for no reason, to revel in a big way;
  • plastic and surgical operations, piercings, tattoos are likely.

In the presence of additional positive aspects, on the contrary, a creative non-standard atmosphere reigns in the house, and parents are the main inspirers and initiators of fateful changes.

Love and marriage with opposition Uranus – Ascendant

All relationships between men and women with such an indicator happen despite the circumstances, and feelings hit the heart with a lightning strike. Falling in love, they seem to turn their familiar world upside down.

Most often they are attracted to eccentrics and rebels, as well as representatives of other races, nationalities and religions. Sex should be adrenaline-pumping, take place in dangerous and exotic locations, and be combined with weird and wacky experimentation.

Not everyone can withstand the intensity of the native’s fantasies, so a relationship with him will not suit the owners of Venus and Mars in the signs of the earthly element. The owners of the opposition Uranus – Ascendant will not get along with ordinary traditional views, although personalities attractive to them often bring them a lot of pain, because they also want independence and freedom, which extends to sexual relations. The native himself is not fond of being faithful, but painfully endures betrayal of himself. There will be clearly more than two marriages, unless by an effort of will he takes control of the need for relationships with strange and unreliable people.

Harmonization of opposition Uranus – Ascendant

Considering the tie of the aspect to the Descendant, it is vital for the native to show his individuality through personal relationships, even if this happens far from prying eyes, in order to avoid gossip. It is important for the owner of the horoscope to feel the freedom of their fantasies in role-playing games and theatrical parties. The choice of a profession will also be unusual, shocking others, often being associated with occultism – astrology, palmistry, fortune-telling.

But the owners of the opposition Uranus – Ascendant are also talented in the fields of physics, electronics, design, aviation, astronautics, show business, especially with regards to performances in the circus and directing laser shows with special effects. Working in such areas, they appear calmer and behave decently in everyday life, satisfying the need for dangerous experiments and demonstration performances. The native always strives to open a new niche in any business he does, preferably simultaneously shaking the foundations of society. Hugh Hefner, the former founder and owner of Playboy magazine, is a prominent representative of the aspect’s wards.

To find inner balance and a sense of proportion, without losing creativity and freshness of thoughts, talisman stones will help: blue paraiba tourmaline, amazonite , beryl , purple opal , sodalite.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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