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Opposition Venus – Lilith: in love of his own free will

The owners of tense aspects sometimes achieve much more in life than the owners of trines , because internal tension and a strong need to get what they want push them to urgent action, especially if there is Lilith (Black Moon) in the aspect.

She vampirizes another planet, does not allow to think about anything other than her subject, and given that Venus is not only a thirst for love, but also various pleasures, material desires and basic values, without which the native simply cannot live, it is clear that such a person will go to any lengths to fulfill their ideas of happiness. At the same time, this aspect endows with a subtle artistic taste, an original approach to creativity and an incredible sexual attraction that the native himself can suppress.

The dangers of the opposition Venus – Lilith

Since the Black Moon distorts the basic principles of another planet, laziness, idleness and a certain boredom are inherent in the native at a low level of development, which he tries to dispel with various pleasures while lying on the couch, for example, eating sweets in front of the TV.

Internal tension requires active action. This is the only way to bring the energies of Lilith and Venus into a plus. If you indulge in sensual pleasures, spend the weekend eating fatty sweet food, or fill the inner emptiness with endless shopping, degradation begins.

At the same time, the native often settles well in life. He finds a job where you can get a lot and do little, and then drown out internal contradictions with secret pleasures. Very often he likes what society condemns, so outwardly he pretends to be an adherent of a healthy diet and a faithful family man, and secretly eats fast food and goes to the left.

Such duality also occurs because it is difficult for the owner of the opposition Venus – Lilith to harmoniously fit into any society. He has no sense of proportion and understanding of how to build relationships in a team. He always goes too far, approaching more than others would like, tells everything about himself, or vice versa, strives to seem perfect and obsequious. Such people have their own concept of aesthetics and they can dress pretentiously and tastelessly, wear bright clothes with rhinestones if Venus is in fiery signs, or hide behind a faceless black standard when the planet of love is in earth signs.

At the same time, a person has inadequately high self-esteem. He considers himself an ideal, and if someone criticizes his style and manner of dressing, this will give rise to a range of very painful experiences and internal dialogues. However, it is the people who hurt who are the teachers who open access to deep personal power.

Positive aspects of the opposition Venus – Lilith

Man came into this world to learn to love and be loved. It starts with the right attitude towards oneself, which the ancestors of the native were deprived of. This is a generic program of “dislike”, when the highest feeling is replaced by passion for a partner, things, money, but the native unconsciously craves love.

From this unmet need at the highest level of development, men and women with the opposition Venus-Lilith are able to create beautiful works of art, play soul-breaking roles, create a unique style in design and be partners who will follow their loved ones to the ends of the world.

Opposition Venus – Lilith and relationships

The owners of this aspect are incredibly sexually attractive to the opposite sex, but men are more successful in love than women. It is easier for them to change many partners, indulge in some forbidden pleasures and even be lazy, since a lot is forgiven for a charismatic and sensual man. There are always many who want to become his companion, unless he suppresses his true nature due to religiosity and some internal complexes due to the influence of other harsh aspects.

A woman with the opposition Venus – Lilith has been looking for love since childhood. She is initially dependent on the opinion of men about her, because of a deeply hidden need to love through pain and prove her superiority over other women. This energy inherent in the aspect makes her an enemy to other women.

She is seen as an upstart, a homeowner, a rival, which leads to envy and betrayal of female friends and colleagues. Unconsciously, they perceive her as a hunter of men, and even if the owner of the opposition Venus – Lilith is beautiful, and they themselves fall into her net, open female hatred is not excluded.

The problem of men and women with such opposition is that they need some kind of dramatic relationship like in the movies, they are not satisfied with a quiet family life, therefore, if there is no anguish and fairy-tale romance, they begin to change.

How to work out the opposition Lilith – Venus

It is important for the native to understand that he will never be like everyone else. You need to accept your wild sensual nature, learn to love your unique bright style, not hide from the world, but give yourself to it. Through love for one’s personality, with all the flaws and shortcomings, comes an understanding of how to behave with others, set boundaries and priorities.

Creativity is the key to healing. It is useful to do dancing, theater arts, draw, sew, embroider, create interior designs both as a hobby and as a main profession. In order to avoid being deceived by scammers, you need to learn how to invest your finances wisely and plan expenses. Excess energy of tension is good to merge in reckless fun and dancing in a nightclub, when you can fully show the image of Venus in merger with Lilith and be anyone.

However, love triangles must be avoided and no one from the family should be taken away, because this aggravates the karma of the Black Moon.

The best talisman for the native will be a black diamond or raspberry-colored spinel.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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