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Opposition Venus-Uranus. Poems and prose, ice and fire

A large number of oppositions in the horoscope suggests that in life one must make a choice between good and evil, and work on oneself. This aspect arises when the planets stand in signs with opposite energies and point them towards each other. Almost always it is required to find harmony in the soul, the ability to show initiative and be responsible for the decisions made.

The owners of the Venus-Uranus opposition dream of loving passionately and recklessly, sharing dreams and aspirations with a partner, and at the same time, the need for freedom and independence stops them from starting a serious relationship. With a weakened Venus, they are afraid of deep feelings, clown about, portray cynics, married at work or stage, flirt with everyone, but do not stay with anyone for long.

The influence of the Venus-Uranus opposition on fate

A native is a bright personality with an original creative gift. From childhood, there is the ability to create a unique style of clothing to stand out from the crowd. Depending on the position of Uranus, he can be clown or futuristic, but a person will never be inconspicuous.

With a strong Mercury – oratory and penetrating abilities that help fight injustice, which the bearer of the aspect feels especially acutely and reacts impulsively. In other situations, he keeps his distance, being an easy interlocutor and pleasant to talk to, but not getting close in a trusting friendship. He shines in small talk, but does not invite friends to his home.

Difficult relationships with money: a person tries to calculate the consequences of spending, worrying about how this or that spending will affect the future budget, is afraid of spontaneous purchases and hesitates for a long time, choosing priorities. Therefore, in business, he prefers to give leadership and the burden of responsibility for decisions to another, and he himself is engaged in creativity or carries out assignments with a light dose of creativity.

Charming, but frivolous owners of the Venus-Uranus opposition without working out the aspect constantly face its consequences:

  • inability to bring the matter to the end, treachery, cowardice, hysterics out of the blue;
  • inferiority complex, scandals in marriage, betrayal;
  • the inability to make a lot of money due to excessive concern about the future;
  • or vice versa, the insane waste of their own and other people’s finances in a state of love;
  • fear of spiritual closeness and suffering from the lack of warmth of a loved one;
  • insults and mockery of those who truly love them are deliberately alienated from themselves;
  • addiction to dangerous erotic adventures;
  • thirst for pleasure, novelty, the need to break with the past and start from scratch.

Amazingly, kindness and friendliness are combined with emotional instability, arrogance and scandals related to the professional activities or actions of the native.

Love relationships with Venus-Uranus opposition

It is difficult to arrange personal life for the owners of the aspect. They fall in love passionately and sincerely with those who are not available: already married, in another country, too rich or famous to become a couple. In fantasies, the chosen one seems incredibly beautiful, and life with him is seen as a fairy tale. However, after overcoming obstacles and difficulties, finding himself with a loved one, the native is unexpectedly disappointed for himself.

A real person with flaws makes the bearer of the Venus-Uranus opposition feel deceived, as if waking up from a rainbow dream on a dank gray morning. After that, there is a clear installation that there is no love, but only chemistry and temporary attraction.

Most of the owners of the aspect go through dozens of novels in their entire lives, leaving partners without regret when the effect of novelty disappears. The ideal form of union for them is friendship and sexual attraction, but one should not rely on the depth of feeling. Above all, they value in the opposite field the combination of intelligence and external beauty.

Elaboration of the Venus-Uranus opposition with actions and stones

There is a way out even from such a confused emotional situation. A native needs to learn to build relationships in the present, without trying to calculate what will happen in the future. An icy heart will melt if you allow yourself to accept the warmth and kindness of others and be sure to show gratitude in return. Rejection of the social mask of a friend who is pleasant for everyone will weed out unnecessary people: you must allow yourself to sincerely express your opinion, but at the same time not be led by anger and anger.

You should abandon stereotypes when looking for a couple. The owners of the Venus-Uranus opposition often create a standard image of a partner, most often of the Aryan plan, and do not consider other types, which is why the likelihood of finding a heartfelt friend is greatly reduced.

Most of the problems are solved by themselves when you develop the habit of keeping your word and planning your money wisely: creating a financial cushion for the future, relaxing and allowing yourself simple joys in the present moment. The need for eccentricity is best expressed in design, advertising, painting and architecture.

You can help harmonize energies using natural stones. Here it is necessary to open the heart chakra and soften the Uranian coldness. Jewelry with rose quartz , turquoise , malachite , as well as amethyst is suitable for the native , which help to remain faithful to loved ones and keep the financial flow. With a harmonious Mars, it is good to wear almandine , whose effect of asterism correlates with the principle of Uranus and at the same time perfectly warms the first and fourth chakras.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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