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Opposition Ascending (Descending) Node – Venus: the difficulties of love

The axis of the lunar nodes always coincides with the axis of certain houses. The ascending (Northern) node of Rahu is the karmic task and mission of a person for this incarnation. Almost never they can be performed without realizing the past experience and mistakes of the Descending (South) node of Ketu. By themselves, they are just arrows indicating the direction for development, but the aspect with the planets specifies the goals facing the owner of the horoscope.

Venus is the planet of love, which determines the values, tastes and material aspirations of the native. Opposition with one of the nodes means its association with another, strengthening its influence. Almost always, this is a sign of an internal gap between what you want and what your parents taught. Fears, complexes, traumas of the past do not allow to find mutual love and wealth.

Venus Opposition Karma with Ascending (Descending) Node

There is a definite formula. If the planet is in opposition to one of the nodes, it is always in conjunction with the opposite, that is, there is a confrontation between the values and objectives of the affected houses.

Venus in opposition to the Ascending (North) Node shows that the karmic task in this incarnation is the development and development of Venusian qualities, colored by the emotional energy of the sign where the configuration is located.

The house itself will show the circumstances in which this will happen according to karma. For example, Venus and Rahu in Cancer mean a focus on family values, service, mercy, devotion of oneself to children. Confrontation with the South Node in Capricorn shows that these qualities are developed in opposition to the need to work and make a career. The native will have to choose between ambition and family, or be able to combine all of this.

In a past life, a person either chose a career, refusing to love, or could not build a family.

Thus, it is possible to make an analysis of any opposition. The mission of the North Node requires pushing the topics of the South Node to the 2nd plan, or first completing things there, gaining positive experience, and building your future on this basis.

The connection of Venus with the Descending Node in opposition to the Ascending (North) means the importance and significance of the values of the past for the native.

The sign and house of Ketu attract a person’s attention, or for some reason he is unable to change them: family business, certain attitudes: “in our family, everyone has a higher education, they only marry a partner from their circle, everyone has their own business and etc.).

The mission of a person should be on a completely different level, but it is difficult for him to leave his comfort zone. His value system may be very different from that adopted in the family, but whether he has the courage to declare this is a big question. In a past life, he achieved popularity in creativity and love, money and success, so now he treats these topics with disdain.

Venus Opposition Harmonization with Ascending Node

The native’s past is opposed to his future. A person can pay off karmic debts in relationships, at work, in financial matters, as well as in the subject of his own appearance, style, self-expression.

At a low level, there is a wild desire to prove one’s superiority: to become the most beautiful girl in college, the most popular guy in college, to earn all the money, to always be in the spotlight, which will only lead to problems if you stay in this stage forever. There is also a downside – to become a gray mouse, to hide from everyone, because in the past there were already fame and money, and you just don’t want to climb this ladder again.

The meaning of the opposition of Venus and the South Node with the North lies somewhere in the middle. It is important to re-master your talents in the house of the conjunction of the planet of love and Rahu, but not to cling to beauty and popularity, but to help others realize their personal value in the affairs of the house where the North Node stands.

This can be done only from the position of a conscious and confident person, therefore, first you need to develop Venusian qualities in the house of the South Node. In a relationship, you have to give more than you take.

Venus Opposition Harmonization with the Descending Node

A person has an incredibly strong desire to become a popular and famous person. Unlike the previous aspect, the idea that he will have to work for fame and success does not cause rejection and apathy in him, on the contrary, energy is seething, but there is no arrogance and aplomb. This is a new experience for him and so far there are no grounds for arrogance.

However, despite the generous gift of artistry, musicality, external charm, the native will have to go through a series of tests. People with the type of the sign of the South (Descending) node are attracted to him, who are his teachers.

Many women with Venus-Ketu opposition fall under the rule of tough authoritarian men, spouses, bosses or producers. Beauty causes the envy of other women or the desire in men to conquer and make the native their property.

All these events have one goal: the girl must realize her value, identify personal boundaries that were absent in a past life, have the courage to leave unhealthy and toxic relationships.

The opposition of Venus with the Descending Node in a man also attracts authoritarian partners or women who persecute, impose and take revenge if they are rejected.

When working through the opposition through creativity, charity, self-love and respect for the female sex, it becomes possible to have healthy, bright and trusting relationships both in marriage and at work.

It is important to allow yourself to have what you want and allow others to give love.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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