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Saturn in the 8th house

Saturn is an evil planet, and its location in the Eighth house , which has a generally negative meaning, can cause dramatic events and dangerous situations in the life of the owner of the horoscope.

The eighth house is associated with emotional and physical overload, emergency circumstances and risks. The owners of Saturn in the 8th house are spiritually very strong. They know what life trials and the vicissitudes of fate are. They do not play with danger, but try to calculate all possible negative moments and spread straws for themselves. Thanks to such security measures, people with Saturn in the 8th house manage to survive in the most severe times, overcome poverty and avoid bankruptcy.

The eighth house is also the home of disease. Essential strength and aspects of Saturn will indicate the general level of vitality of the native and describe how susceptible he is to various diseases (for example, diseases of the musculoskeletal system).

Characteristics and features of human behavior

The owner of Saturn in the 8th house is practical, careful, somewhat secretive and reserved. He considers his most important responsibility to take care of material well-being and safety. At home and at work, he is entrusted with planning and managing finances.

Such a person, willy-nilly, controls the income and expenses of his partner and other family members. He will not be too lazy to draw up documents for a tax deduction refund or receiving subsidies, even if it is a very small amount. At work, the duties of the owner of the horoscope may include interaction with the tax office, accounting for the material and intangible assets of the enterprise and submitting reports to official authorities.

The owner of Saturn in the 8th house, although he dreams of getting rich, still understands that casinos, lotteries and gambling are not the best way for this. The subject realizes that real well-being is gained only through hard work and constant efforts in the chosen direction. Risks and non-standard situations associated with money, such people try to avoid. They are also concerned about credit and mortgage obligations. They do not like to borrow and lend money.

The native is in the habit of investing, albeit at low interest rates, in a reliable bank. Investments in real estate are especially preferred. The owner of Saturn in the 8th house can demonstrate his abilities by working as a tax inspector, chief accountant, financial controller, etc.

Saturn and zodiac signs

Saturn, possessing essential power, can make a native a wealthy person. Saturn in Capricorn favors the acquisition of real estate, and the planet in Libra will profit from contractual activities and cooperation. Money can come from spouses or business partners, or it is also possible to receive a good inheritance from parents.

Essentially weak Saturn (in Cancer, in Leo, in Aries) makes a person stingy and calculating. In matters related to real estate and property inheritance, the native is most often unlucky. Unreasonable claims of other relatives and conflicts in the division of property are possible.

Saturn and its aspects

Saturn in tense aspects in the 8th house creates conditions for the development of chronic diseases in a native and the emergence of life-threatening situations. With this position of Saturn, it is especially important to monitor the condition of the spine, teeth, gallbladder, and also to prevent the development of depressive states and the appearance of phobias.

The harmonious aspects of the essential strong Saturn help the subject to overcome the most severe ailments. In moments of dangerous situations and illnesses, the native is supported financially. The insurance covers the costs of treatment, and the medical services are provided with high quality.

Lilia Garipova

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