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Saturn in the 9th house

The ninth house is responsible for obtaining education and reflects the desire of the native to expand his spiritual horizons. The evil luminary Saturn makes this path thorny. A person works by the sweat of his brow to achieve recognition by society of his education and high cultural level.

Teachers, also symbolized by this house of the horoscope, are excessively demanding in relation to the native. Grades are often underestimated, and a person has to constantly prove during his studies that he is really capable of much. Perseverance, dedication, diligence and accuracy bring him closer to his cherished goal – fundamental knowledge, confirmed by a diploma of higher education, various certificates and certificates of professional development.

The ninth house of the horoscope also symbolizes long-distance travel. The owner of the horoscope will think several times before going abroad. Meanwhile, circumstances often require him to travel for business or study needs. Business trips and internships for such people are commonplace.

Distant relatives are also described by the Ninth field of the radix. Saturn symbolizes strict, inhospitable and critical relatives. Such people can reproach the native for violating any rules and foundations adopted in the family. That is why relations with relatives do not develop well, and the owner of the horoscope wants to stay away from them.

Characteristics and features of human behavior

The owner of Saturn in the 9th house of the horoscope is smart, consistent in teaching and takes any science seriously. He studies, however, only what he considers logical and reliable. Knowledge should bring him practical benefit, so such a person tries to determine in advance how promising this direction of training is. The owner of the horoscope attaches great importance to practice. Having learned something new, he tries to apply the knowledge gained in a specific case.

Sometimes information is assimilated by such a person very slowly, but the knowledge gained is fundamental, and there are absolutely no gaps in it. The native is not inclined to change his point of view. Before making a serious decision and changing his scientific, philosophical or religious views, the subject will weigh all the pros and cons several times.

By the age of thirty, the owner of Saturn in the 9th house is trying to know the world around him and its laws as best and deeply as possible. Trips and travels teach him to pass many life trials with dignity, and the received education gives a person a feeling of stability, reliability and self-confidence. Many owners of such horoscopes understand that they can teach and share their knowledge with others only after reaching the specified age.

Saturn and the signs of his power

If Saturn in the 9th house has essential power (for example, located in Capricorn or Libra), then the subject achieves significant success in teaching, research, journalism and lawmaking. Saturn in Capricorn tends to study the exact sciences and disciplines of an applied nature. The luminary in Libra under consideration gives an interest in the study of art, literary and legal activities.

Saturn and its aspects

The tense aspects of Saturn in the 9th house are indicative of the troubles and hardships that may accompany a subject abroad. This is also one of the indications of problems with the law. A person can not neglect the rules adopted both in his state and in the countries he visits. Otherwise, serious punishments up to imprisonment are possible.

The harmonious aspects of Saturn in the field in question make a person successful in studies and effective in any activity related to foreigners and involving contacts with them.

Lilia Garipova

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