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Sextile Chiron-Moon. Soul Mystery

Sextile is mistakenly considered a guaranteed happy occasion, after which life changes for the better. This is indeed a window of opportunity, but it will take a lot of effort to open it, because the aspect itself does not work. Fate will give a person a chance, but it depends on him whether to use it or leave everything as before. Most often, a successful period of change is felt by people with heightened intuition, which just include the owners of the Moon-Chiron sextile.

Empathy is the second name of the native. The moon is responsible for the psyche and the subconscious, and Chiron for esotericism, connection with otherworldly forces, so the native will not miss the signs of fate, another thing is that a weak Moon can succumb to fears, retreat from fulfilling a dream and manifesting itself in society, having all the data for success. The owners of one of the participants in the aspect in the 12th house suffer from this, especially if Lilith is also there .

The influence of the Moon-Chiron sextile on fate

Men and women of this type are unusually compassionate and sympathetic, although, of course, the degree of these qualities also depends on the position of the planets in signs and houses. The kindness and mercy of the Moon in Pisces, coming from the heart, is incomparable with the manifestation of sympathy from the Moon in Virgo, who believes that she is obliged to help for the sake of society, so as not to be considered callous, and the Moon in Taurus will also think a hundred times who to support financially and who miss.

Chiron always denotes some kind of injury and vulnerability, and a planet in sextile with him is a way to heal this problem. On the one hand, the native feels defenseless in the sphere of emotions and personal experiences, on the other hand, he is hurt by injustice, even if it concerns someone else, and he strives to help, ease someone else’s pain, support and console.

The Moon-Chiron sextile is often found in the horoscopes of official medicine doctors, healers, physiotherapists, herbalists, priests and psychologists. By helping others, they seek answers to solve their own problems.

At a low level of development, there is an obsession with emotions, the need to be a child playing on the nerves of loved ones. A person with the Moon-Chiron sextile perfectly feels the mood in the team and in society as a whole, and knows how to change tactics of behavior in time, depending on which social circle you want to get into. For the sake of this, he can become a sycophant and a flatterer, say what is expected of him, and not an independent opinion. In an effort to serve and prevent the desires of the mighty of this world, the native himself does not notice how he is destroying his own destiny. This, alas, is one of Chiron’s typical jokes.

Happy Opportunities and Gifts of the Moon-Chiron Sextile

The native is generously endowed with intuition and psychological flair. He immediately reads the thoughts of the interlocutor and the expected course of events. It is difficult to deceive him if he does not want to, but at a low level of awareness, the owner of the Moon-Chiron sextile will easily mislead anyone, pretend to be an innocent sheep, even with obvious guilt.

These are excellent actors, but unlike aspects with the Sun, they need circumstances to express their gift. They will not go on stage themselves, but if others ask to sing or act, they will do it with surprising professionalism and talent.

At a high level of spirituality, there are gifts of telepathy, hypnosis, and healing. The native gets along well with animals, understands their language, feels where the cause of diseases is. With the Moon-Chiron sextile, the profession of a pediatrician and veterinarian will bring sincere happiness to self-realization.

Moon-Chiron sextile in a relationship

The mysterious asteroid symbolizes a certain wound that needs to be healed in order to move to the level of higher planets. The moon here acts as a means of healing, and at the same time means that wounds and experiences are associated with mother, sisters, later with a wife for a man, and in a female horoscope it can show both problems with pregnancy and children, and her own mother in old age.

However, there is a way out: the study of psychology, healing and energy practices, psychosomatics, astrology, the healing properties of herbs will help remove the causes of these difficulties on the physical plane and harmonize relationships. If the Moon is in the 4th or 12th house, a repetition of generic programs is possible.

How to turn on the Moon-Chiron sextile

The sextile is an aspect that by itself will not work if a person sits idly by. It is necessary to actively develop the lunar qualities, not forgetting the duality and paradox of Chiron. For example, if the native is a doctor, it will be useful for him to study not only the official methods of treatment, but to add to them the knowledge of homeopathy, psychosomatics, work with the subconscious, that is, to approach the solution from two sides. If the owner of the sextile Luna-Chiron chose the profession of a cook, then unusually prepared or served dishes according to author’s recipes will bring fame and success to him (this is already a Chironian influence). Having become a teacher in a kindergarten according to the Moon, it is good to reveal yourself as an actor according to Chiron, organizing holidays and playing in performances. Such actions will surprisingly turn on a whole series of coincidences, which will lead to the fulfillment of the main dream.

Also activate sextile jewelry with mother-of-pearl and shells in silver.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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