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Sextile Mercury – Saturn

Any harmonious aspect between Mercury and Saturn is valuable. Sextile between the planets allows the native's intellectual and organizational potential to be realized.

Sextile Mercury - SaturnMercury is responsible for thinking, receiving and processing information. Thanks to the structuring influence of Saturn, the native's mind becomes deeper and more focused on solving practical problems. The path from words to deeds turns out to be minimal, and a person does not waste his time on mastering areas of knowledge that will not be useful to him during his life.

Since Saturn symbolizes labor, and Mercury symbolizes speech, the native devotes a lot of time to working on speech. His task is to find a word that accurately reflects the essence of the phenomenon. In addition, a person takes his words seriously and, as a rule, does not make empty promises.

The influence of the aspect on the personal qualities and abilities of the native

The owner of the aspect has a clear mind and expresses his thoughts slowly, clearly and consistently. On those around him, he makes the impression of a solid, punctual and business person. Perhaps he is not sociable, but the subject does not waste precious time on empty conversations and useless contacts.

Such people achieve great success in work and study due to the fact that they know how to put everything on the shelves. They take the time to analyze facts and organize the material. In their work, the owners of the aspect adhere to a strict hierarchy. They know how to follow the instructions of their superiors, know the norms, instructions, do not hesitate to give orders to their subordinates and ask them strictly. Knowing what they do and using good organizational skills helps them advance in their careers.

Sextile of Mercury and Saturn in the child's horoscope

If there is a harmonious aspect between Saturn and Mercury in the child's horoscope, then this is one of the indications of a good memory and consistency of mind.

Such children do not always quickly master the educational material, but the consistent supply of new knowledge and patient explanations from adults give good results over time. The more often the information is repeated by the child, the more firmly it settles in his mind.

Such a child may have good abilities in mathematics and physics. In the learning process, it is recommended to use graphs, tables and give specific examples. The fewer abstractions when learning new material, the more successful the learning process.

Sextile of Mercury and Saturn in some signs of the zodiac

Sextile unites in most cases the planets standing in friendly elements. So, for example, a planet in a water zodiac sign has a supportive effect on a planet located in an earth sign, and vice versa. If the planets are not equal in strength, then the strongest planet will help the weaker one.

Saturn in Capricorn and Mercury in Pisces are prime examples of this. Strong Saturn will allow you to structure information, clarify data and focus on the essential. The mind does not cease to be psychological and creative, as watery Mercury will always give a person a good imagination and attentiveness to the world of feelings. But nevertheless, the native will rely in his judgments on specific facts and figures, and therefore this configuration is an excellent indicator for the work of a psychologist, statistician, mathematician and financier. The mind of the owners of the aspect is solid, concrete and deep.

Mercury and Saturn, located in the air and fire signs of the zodiac, manifest themselves differently. For example, Saturn, located in Libra (i.e. in the sign of its strength) also helps the weakened Mercury in Sagittarius to show its best side. A person does not cease to be sociable, curious and communicative, but a strong Saturn helps him narrow the range of interests, highlight the main thing in order to achieve specific results in intellectual, commercial or intermediary activities.

Lilia Garipova

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