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Uranus-Neptune Sextile. From utopia to revolution

Sextile is an aspect of well-being, strongly hinting to the ward through circumstances and meetings with the right people that it is necessary to act and show talents in public. The owners of the Uranus-Neptune sextile know without prompting that they were born for great deeds. Their creative originality, combined with perspicacious sensitivity, pushes them towards changes that are irrational for those around them, but not for the artists of life.

This is the aspect of an entire generation capable of creating a new reality that seemed utopian and distant to skeptics. The native is talented in art, occultism, healing. With the strong positions of the planet – the genius and immortality of the name for centuries. However, hovering in the clouds and waiting for a miracle without personal action will lead to collapse.

Pros and cons of Uranus-Neptune sextile

Under the influence of the revolutionary energies of Uranus, a person becomes an ideological artist, whose work is always directed in opposition to the existing state system. He likes to expose evil and corruption through vivid imagery and bring ideas of justice and brotherhood to the world.

This attracts to the mystical organizations of the Masonic type, supporting financially if the native’s talent is beneficial to them, but using his influence on the masses for their own purposes. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the harmonization of Neptune, so as not to become a victim of manipulation.

The power of the planets is fully turned on when they stand in corner houses, but with fiery Mars and strong Pluto, personal charisma in any case turns dogmas and leads the crowd to new ideals. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the Uranus-Neptune sextile:

  • vivid imagination, naivety, the ability to put an idea into images through words, music;
  • the religiosity of the new generation, sweeping aside the obsolete forms of ritual service and striving for direct union with God;
  • subtle artistic flair, sensuality, romance, gullibility and irascibility;
  • extrasensory abilities, the ability to get in touch with the subtle planes of being and consciousness, the gift to heal with your hands;
  • predictor’s talent through imagery: cards, palmistry, astrology, coffee;
  • success in art in music, drawing, poetry, dance, in politics – the department of ideology, in medicine – psychotherapy and reflexology, treatment of autism.

If Neptune is weak, a person tends to fall into self-deception in a frenzy, thinking that his ideas will lead to a brighter future, but in reality he destroys his followers. He can reveal state secrets, thinking that important information is being hidden from the people. You should avoid self-aggrandizement and take a sober view of the intentions of those who shower compliments on any occasion.

Love relationship with the sextile Uranus-Neptune

Men and women with the Uranus-Neptune sextile fall in love with the same doubting stereotypes, restless seekers of truth. Girls are attracted to rebels who break the foundations, and the stronger sex is fascinated by the lady’s lack of sexual and gender prejudices. It is important for them to be in a pair, where eccentric behavior and difference from others are welcomed and shared by a like-minded person, as they are acutely suffering from misunderstanding and condemnation. However, they often forget that the wind of the revolution is in tune with the march of anarchy, and are left with a broken heart and an empty wallet.

New views on old values ​​induce the carriers of the Uranus-Neptune sextile to abandon the usual institution of marriage. They are romantic and sensual, but they cannot stand the everyday features of life together. Dating, adventures, exploits in the name of passion – their element. Platonic love from afar, with the idealization of the chosen one and secret sacrifices for him, is also characteristic of this aspect, especially if Venus is in the sign of water.

The planet of love in the element of earth and a strong Saturn can pull the native over time to the way of life familiar to most. After a stormy youth, he finds a family and children, but closer to 65 years old, he can again embark on an adventure.

Sextile Uranus-Neptune in children

In a child’s horoscope, the Uranus-Neptune sextile is one of the indicators of home schooling. In any case, it is better to choose a school of creative direction: art, music, ballet, but not general education. Children with this aspect always stand out from the crowd with rebellious, theatrical behavior, or unearthly shyness, and become a victim of bullying. Excess internal energy must be released into creativity, as well as carefully select a circle of friends from children that differ from ordinary schoolchildren for the better.

Strengthening an aspect with stones

To harmonize the aspect with the help of precious stones, it is important to strengthen, but not strengthen, Neptune , whose insidious influence cloudes the brain with illusions. Genius often borders on insanity, so you shouldn’t often wear pearls and moonstone if the planet of creativity is in the sign of water. It is safe to wear aventurine and labrador jewelry . They will give confidence and earthly wisdom when you are too elevated.

Uranus in the sign of Leo will strengthen the fire opal . In other cases, sodalite, fluorite, lapis lazuli will be supported .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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