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Venus-Pluto Sextile. Love that transforms the world

The sextile forms an angle of 60 degrees between the planets and is considered a herald of opportunities that the native will have to catch and bring to life thanks to talents. The nature of giftedness is shown by the participants in the configuration. Using their best manifestations, you can easily reach the peak of your desires.

However, the complex union of the planets of love and transformational transformations imposes difficult obligations – to improve the soul and creativity through sharp blows, fatal events and karmic relationships. A person forges a new self in the flame of passions and upheavals, but the longer he avoids them, the more painful the transformation will be.

Pros and cons of Venus-Pluto sextile

The karmic task of the owner of the Venus-Pluto sextile is to give up a calm, harmonious life and a philosophical attitude to the need to sacrifice important things for the sake of love and purpose. It is better not to get deeply attached to people and objects from the beginning, which is extremely difficult for an ardent and passionate native who loves and hates equally passionately.

Venus-Pluto Sextile gives incredible charm and sexual attraction, physically electrifying the space around. This person instantly attracts the attention of a diverse audience and is able to lead regiments into battle with a single command. With strong Mars and Mercury, there are prerequisites for an excellent career in military and politics. If Neptune is expressed , the native will become a brilliant artist, a symbol of the generation. Knowing the pros and cons of the aspect will help you find the right path:

  • ingenuity, creativity, intuition, deep emotionality, idealism;
  • optimism, the ability to enjoy simple things, but a tendency to overeat and drink (especially if Neptune is weak), wastefulness on favorite hobbies;
  • a wonderful sense of harmony and color gives the talent of an artist, photographer, director, cameraman and designer;
  • the ability to transform lower energy vibrations into high vibrations helps to make discoveries in science, psychology and turn enemies into friends;
  • the ability to deliberately displace dark thoughts and replace them with bright intentions, an intuitive understanding of how to communicate and find an approach to difficult children and adolescents.

Aspect gives financial luck from the age of 30 to a ripe old age. If Pluto is in the 2nd house , then this is a sign of big life and wealth. Weak Venus foreshadows frequent loans, but, nevertheless, the native will not deny himself luxury, although he will have to work hard to keep this right.

Love relationships with Venus-Pluto sextile

The native’s charismatic appearance is etched into memory, especially if seen in a photograph, painting or film. Internal magnetism and sex appeal is manifested in magical photogenicity, so often the future partner falls in love with the owner of the Venus-Pluto sextile long before the meeting. The uniqueness of the influence of the aspect gives a person a spiritual attitude towards sex.

The native has a high culture and an incredibly respectful attitude towards a loved one. Moreover, the magical gift of transforming lower energies into higher ones helps him to elevate his partner and ennoble his inner world, aspirations and worldview. Sometimes the union is predetermined karmically: falling in love with a representative of the lower classes, an educated and talented creator creates a new, happy life and an image for a partner.

The carriers of the Venus-Pluto sextile are monogamous, faithful and faithful, always on the side of loved ones, even if they stumbled or were wrong. Sometimes the aspect is played through a partner, contributing to financial luck or the successful transformation of appearance, style and worldview after the wedding under the influence of the husband or wife. Change is always for the better.

At a low level of development, or with affected planets, sex is used as a lever to manipulate the object of passion, and in order to achieve goals, a person shamelessly uses hypnotic influence on others or resorts to witchcraft, for which he will inevitably pay later.

Venus-Pluto Sextile in the child’s horoscope

Children with the Venus-Pluto sextile are able to influence parents and friends with the power of love, prompting them to achieve high goals and strive for more. The raging volcano of internal feelings often spills out with tantrums and stormy clarifications of relationships, especially when faced with injustice and betrayal, but they themselves will never betray those they love, even if they have to suffer undeserved punishment.

Drawing, ceramics, sculpture will help relieve stress and tension. Children with the Venus-Pluto sextile love to create something new from the old or combine small details into a single beautiful whole. They will love robotics and engineering. A child may have many secrets that parents are better off not knowing, because this will offend his soul. He will not allow himself anything dangerous and obscene (except for the position of Pluto in Scorpio), but the feeling of the presence of something mysterious in life will give inspiration and confidence.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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