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Venus-Jupiter Sextile. Spooks of Fortune

Sextile is an auspicious aspect with an angle of 60 degrees, showing through the participating planets the scope of potential success. By showing the highest qualities of character, according to astrological characteristics, you can accelerate the onset of the streak of luck, because this configuration requires active work to receive rewards according to merit.

Nevertheless, the owners of the Venus-Jupiter sextile from birth walk in the minions of fate, largely thanks to a kind, generous heart, inexhaustible optimism and disarming sincerity. Remaining in this position of self-presentation to the world, a person becomes a magnet for wealth and popularity, gains loyal friends and reliable business partners. Surprisingly, this aspect also needs to be worked out, avoiding wastefulness and laziness, leading to the collapse of a beautiful life.

Pros and cons of Venus-Jupiter sextile

Happiness and serenity is the natural state of a native who is in harmony with the astrological characteristics of the planets. They benefit those who radiate sincere love for the world, who gladly accept the fruits of their labor and donate to charity. Unlike other participants in the sextiles, Venus and Jupiter do not act in the second half of life, but from the early years of adolescence, although their influence may not be felt strongly.

After 30 years, a series of happy opportunities for the native’s wishes will happen quite quickly. The main thing is to develop the main advantage of the Venus-Jupiter sextile: an intuitive understanding of the needs of other people. By giving them what they want, the native succeeds himself. To do this, it is important to understand the main influence of the aspect, expressed through:

  • good nature, giftedness in creativity and the humanities, fine artistic taste;
  • emotional and financial generosity, high ideals in relation to relationships with people, courtly behavior;
  • graceful manners, love of pomp and public speaking, charm and warm energy;
  • charisma and magnetism, manifested during communication with people, attractive appearance;
  • artistry and emotionality of public speaking, instantly attracting crowds of fans;
  • financial success through marriage and business unions, travel, contacts with foreign colleagues.

For a quick takeoff, the owner of the Venus-Jupiter sextile will need the help of other people, especially if one of the planets is in Libra or affects the 7th house . However, the inclination to sensual pleasures, squandering, laziness negate all good undertakings. Patrons and assistants may be frustrated by the lack of conformity with the declared image and leave him at the most important moment. The disadvantages of the aspect also include naivety, gullibility and enthusiastic idealism.

Love relationships with sextile Venus-Jupiter

The cheerful and sexy carriers of the Venus-Jupiter sextile are incredibly attractive to the opposite sex. They do not hover in the clouds in search of the unknown as the wards of Uranus, but live here and now, enjoying joyful moments and creating them for themselves and loved ones. These are the creators of the holiday, who know the value of money, but easily let it go to the wind of change and adventure. This goes well with careful budgeting, so the family has money for both necessary spending and entertainment.

The owners of the Venus-Jupiter sextile fall in love at first sight and beautifully look after the subject of passion. Their favorite technique is to appear in the brilliant splendor of their talents and visual appeal. A sign of cooling feelings is negligence in dress, rudeness in communication and casual style instead of a royal robe. The native in love is always kind, helpful and looks like a movie star.

Under the influence of the planets of love and greatness, a person is drawn to successful partners with exquisite style and creativity. These are the prerequisites for a happy marriage. With a weakened Venus, a marriage of convenience for the sake of wealth and high status is possible.

Venus-Jupiter sextile in the child’s horoscope

The aspect is often found in the natal charts of excellent students, especially with a strong Mercury , which increases the magnetism of words and the artistry of self-expression. A child with the Venus-Jupiter sextile loves to read and dream about the exploits of great people, therefore from an early age sets high goals for himself and stands out among his peers. He loves collecting letters and diplomas, as well as participating in theatrical performances and public speaking debates.

If Mars is in fire signs, it is necessary to release unnecessary stress and vanity in team sports. The only thing that prevents you from achieving success in your studies is laziness. However, the friendly support and patronage of teachers will not allow the native to remain in the ranks of the poor. He is always helped from above, stretching out his hand to move up, and it only depends on him: to go to a dream with such enviable support or not. Parents should carefully check their social circle, since the Venus-Jupiter sextile does not exclude attraction to authorities with negative charm.

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