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Sextile Ascending (Descending) Node – Ascendant: its own key

Sextile is a very favorable aspect for an ambitious and active person. If he goes with the flow and does nothing in the areas of the affected houses, then it is likely that all his bonuses will go unnoticed. However, when the sextile affects the Ascendant , there is a very strong desire to put their talents into practice, especially if the other participants are the Ascending North and Descending South nodes, symbols of the karma of the clan.

The first shows the direction for development in this life, and the second – the accumulated genetic experience, talents that were clearly manifested in the family, and possibly served as a pretext for vanity and infringement of other people’s interests. The native will have to use all this harmoniously on the path of their self-development, relying on the gifts of the past, but not repeating its mistakes.

Ascendant Sextile Karma with Ascending and Descending Nodes

The line of the Ascendant crosses the 1st house, connected with the very personality of a person, with that visible part of oneself facing the world: appearance, social model of behavior, style of clothing, way of communication. This image, which a person shows to others, reflects the characteristics of the sign on the cusp of the 1st house and may not coincide with the Solar at all, and yet, a sextile with any of the nodes shows the paramount importance of self-expression in society. This is especially to be worked out if the Sun and Moon are afflicted. Then the sextile becomes the key to one’s own personality and the disclosure of karmic talents.

In alliance with the Descending Node, it testifies to the active self-manifestation of human ancestors in the life of society. It is good if the family history is known and the person knows what kind of talents helped the representatives of his family, or him in a past life, to become active participants in public life. If not, you need to look at the sign of the Ascendant. From the owners of the fire and air elements, more activity will be required than from the owners of the earth and water. In any case, in this incarnation, the native will have to actively work on the resurrection of his skills and abilities in the area of the house where the Descending Node stands, and there you need to give more than take for yourself, completely abandoning vanity and narcissism.

Holders of the sextile of the Ascending Node with the Ascendant, on the contrary, will have to learn to promote their talents, take criticism calmly and not lock themselves in a narrow safe world, as their ancestors probably did. The native himself in the past incarnation could refuse an active life position and his gift out of fear or out of good intentions: not the right time, no money, connections, etc. Now any of his attempts to realize the dream in the sphere of the house, where the Ascending Node is located, will receive support and approval. You have to take more for yourself than you give to others. And this does not always apply to the material side. A person needs to learn to love and respect himself, his family, his family, his art and his life’s work, ignoring the calls of others to live like everyone else.

Talents and opportunities of the sextile of the Ascendant with the Ascending Node

This aspect is always associated with relationships and applies to both personal life and relationships with colleagues, relatives, close circle of friends. If the native sets boundaries correctly and is bold enough to follow an intuitive understanding of his task in life, no one can interfere with him.

He will find his like-minded people in the sphere of the house where the North Node stands, and there he needs to look for a way to realize talent according to his Ascendant. If the sextile is directed to the lower part of the horoscope, it is necessary to unearth ancestral talents, to find out what grandparents and more distant ancestors succeeded in. The hint will be the external similarity of the native with one of the members of the genus. Success will bring the same thing that this person did, but it is important to find your own, preferably an updated niche in this direction, and not just repeat his choice.

If the sextile of the Ascendant with the Ascending Node is directed to the upper part of the horoscope, this means that a person will have to start everything from scratch, developing himself in collective work and working tirelessly. This is an indicator of great ambition, which can lead to tremendous success in the professions of the Ascendant sign. This aspect is a sure sign that you need to actively use the help of others in achieving the goal.

Ascendant Sextile Descending Node

The south node symbolizes people and circumstances that it is desirable to avoid in the 2nd half of life. At first, a person needs to remember his talents and abilities in the area indicated by this Ketu node, because it was they who brought him success in a past life. However, he clearly abused his abilities then, and therefore now he will easily succumb to temptation.

So there are 2 options here:

  • continue to engage in activities along the line of the sign of the Ascendant in the area of \u200b\u200bthe house where the Descending Node stands, but do not take a lot of money for this, give people more than they receive, achieve new heights and perfection in this matter;
  • to create something absolutely unique based on the talents of the South Node and apply them to the sphere of the house where the North is located.

Ideally, the talents of past incarnations should become a support for moving towards the North Node, or you will definitely have to follow the law of tithing, giving 10th of the income to charity, the maintenance of relatives, gifts to brothers and sisters, if the sextile is directed to the lower part of the natal chart.

In the case when the aspect goes to the upper sectors of the horoscope, it is necessary to compensate for the success of the South Node with more large-scale charitable work. The native needs real fame in order to involve the general public in solving social problems at the state level.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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