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Sextile Ascending (Descending) Node – Neptune: a sea of ​​​​talents

Aspects with karmic knots show talents that were characteristic of a person in a past incarnation, and in the future will help develop according to his destiny. The leading abilities of the native in a previous life are indicated by the aspect with the Descending South Node, but any connection of the planets with the North Ascending is a direct hint from above on what qualities to develop in oneself in order to succeed in this incarnation.

Neptune , on the one hand, gives creative inclinations and a special religious zeal. Heaven hears the prayers of the native, but the dark desires of the subconscious can be easily fulfilled. He influences the world through his creations, be it films, paintings, songs, poems, but the nature of this influence is different. Sextile with the Descending Node may mean that in the past a person’s talents could be destructive, and with the Ascending, it hints at artistic talent or work in the maritime industry.

Neptune Sextile Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

It is no coincidence that the native is attracted to the sea. He often rests there or moves to live on the coast. This is a memory of previous incarnations, when a trip to the sea or ocean became an impetus for the development of his creative abilities or turned into a meeting with people who became mentors or patrons.

In this incarnation, in case of emotional burnout, the sea will also help, but if Neptune is in the 8th or 12th house, it is possible that creativity will be the result of a crisis or prolonged isolation.

Sextile with the Descending Node shows an ancient mature soul, which has already embodied in countries with different religions and traditions. In a past life, the native was fully realized in creative directions. He could be a talented actor, musician, singer, but he may also have abused drugs, alcohol, hovered in a world of illusions, deceived a lot or even used his abilities to cheat. That is why in the present incarnation he is limited in terms of negative Neptunian manifestations. It is worth starting to drink, something bad happens: he himself is deceived, abandoned, robbed. Talents can only be developed for the benefit of other people.

The sextile of Neptune with the Ascending Node speaks of the need to develop creative abilities in the area of \u200b\u200bthe house where the planet stands. If this is the 7th sector – counseling, partnerships with other people, family relationships, 2nd and 8th houses – financial systems, 11th – collective creativity, and of course 5th – a sign that the native was born to embody acting and artistic abilities.

In a past life, he did not have the opportunity to realize his creative ideas, perhaps he was busy with prayer ministry, healing the suffering, served in the navy. Now he is given a chance to show himself as a creative person, although there may still be a desire to serve higher ideas and society, but now is the time to think of yourself as a creator.

Talents and opportunities of Neptune sextile with the Ascending node

For the native, the entrance to the world of art, psychology and esotericism is open. This aspect makes itself felt from childhood, forming a subtle artistic feeling, intuition, a lot of hobbies, love for nature, water, medicine.

Neptune’s sextile with the North Node also attracts money for all creative and business projects if the marine planet is in 2 or 8 houses, as well as for travel and education when it is in the 9th sector. The desires of the native are fulfilled faster than those of others. As soon as he thinks of something related to these areas, finances seem to come from heaven.

If the North Node or Neptune itself is in the 10th house, then a person’s career directly depends on his creative manifestation. Success will not come by itself, as happens with a trine, but one must tirelessly develop one’s abilities, sometimes through overcoming obstacles and self-discipline, in order for the aspect to work to its full potential.

Man has a special relationship with religion. In a past life, he could have suffered from some kind of prohibitions or persecution, in those days when not all talents were approved by the church, therefore he sometimes feels an unconscious dislike for the representatives of the cult and believes in God in his own way.

Talents and abilities of the sextile of Neptune with the Descending Node

From early childhood, the native already manifests himself as a creative person. Most often, Neptunian talent is awakened through dancing and a love of drawing, and then comes the second stage of revealing charisma and acting talent.

The owners of the Neptune-Descending Node sextile have more temptations than the analogous aspect with the Ascending Node, because the subconscious mind already has a memory of how they charmed and manipulated people and got what they wanted without problems.

If financial houses are affected, then it is more than likely that the native will try not too honest ways to get rich. The sextile Neptune-Descending Node is safest in 5, 10, 11 houses, when a person only dreams of creative success and gets it. Again, and here any intrigue and dishonest game will come out sideways. The first success will be replaced by the collapse of all plans. This is how the South Node works: it blocks the manifestations of the sins of the past. The native can perfectly realize himself in serving people in the noble profession of a doctor, pharmacist, chemist and perfumer, oceanologist, marine biologist.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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