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Sextile Ascending (Descending) Node – Venus: a gift of luck

The lunar nodes are indicators of the karma of the past and that which has not yet happened, but may accumulate not for the benefit of the native. Descending (South) indicates hereditary talents and sins. According to the place of his position, it is easy to understand what will be a support on the path to future success, and what pulls down into the abyss. Ascending (Northern) gives an idea of the experience needed in this incarnation. It is more difficult to live according to it, but without it it is impossible to reach a new level. An undeveloped knot passes to the descendants of a person.

Venus is the planet of small happiness. She is responsible not only for love, but also for the system of true values of the native. In a sextile with knots, it is the natural charm and the call of the heart that will help you not to make a mistake and choose the right path. A person intuitively uses his charm and sex appeal to gain a high social status, but in one case it is easy, in another you will have to learn how to present yourself adequately.

Venus Sextile Karma with Ascending and Descending Nodes

The owners of the aspect understand quite early what a strong influence personal charisma has on people. However, it is much easier for the wards of the sextile of Venus with the South Node to manipulate other people’s sympathies due to the experience stored in the memory of DNA from a past life. These people were already the favorites of fortune and the soul of society, most often due to the natural beauty and the fact of being born in an eminent and wealthy family. The karmic influence of Venus sextile with the Descending Node comes in 2 versions:

  • the native spent his life in pleasure, earning on his artistic gift, or lived in pleasure at the expense of the wealth available in the family, but he could also lose it at cards, catch venereal diseases due to a huge number of novels, that is, in fact, he took more from the world than he could give through his talent and privileges;
  • the native strictly guarded his chosenness, did not allow other talents to break through to glory, weaved intrigues and appropriated other people’s achievements and wealth.

In this incarnation, it is easier for him than others to prove himself as an artist and businessman, but as soon as he wants to get rich due to the ability to draw beautifully, sing, play on stage, the higher forces will block the arrival of finance until he learns to give first. It is best if the native will teach others about acting, design and investment.

The owners of the sextile Venus-North Node, on the contrary, disinterestedly gave their talent, but for various reasons remained without remuneration. They could be street musicians, itinerant performers, keepers of the treasury, guardians and patrons of the arts, helping other gifted people to gain recognition.

Perhaps they did not have enough time to develop their talent to perfection and now higher powers give them the opportunity to become popular due to personal charm and uniqueness, but they will have to work hard to develop their Venusian gift, since they have no experience of enjoying their own creativity.

Talents and opportunities of Venus sextile with the Ascending Node

Before artistry, the gift of a diplomat wakes up in the native. Men and women with the aspect of Venus – Rahu from an early age are literally forced to be peacemakers, constantly getting into situations where their kind word and creative approach help to avoid conflict.

The path of the North Node is not strewn with roses. A sextile is not a trine when the red carpet leading to glory lies under your feet. The native is given opportunities to express himself, but if he succumbs to fears and doubts, then the aspect will remain unclaimed. A person can be born into a dysfunctional family, which encourages him to develop his strengths in all ways in order to escape from an unpleasant environment. Since childhood, he has been given a chance to be a participant in prestigious competitions, win a grant for education or earn money using ingenuity and charm. The nuances depend on the house and the sign of the position of Venus.

If she is in Virgo or Capricorn, then the native is more likely to prove himself in business, or as an actor or model, he will not waste money, but will simultaneously run, for example, a restaurant business or launch his own clothing and perfume line.

The owner of Venus sextile in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius with the Ascending Node will always strive to become the boss and only the opposition of personal planets and the affected Moon can keep him from this. Luck here is turned on through self-confidence.

Talents and opportunities of Venus sextile with the Descending Node

As in the first case, such people are lucky in marriage and they are liked by others due to their artistry and charm. However, at a low level of development, there will always be attempts to gain access to easy life and pleasures at the expense of rich sponsors or physical attractiveness.

We must not forget that the Venus-South Node sextile involves selfless service to the world through the manifestation of talents. This does not mean that the native needs to be unmercenary, but there must always be a balance: if this is an artist, then there must be charity concerts and assistance to young talents, if a talented financier or merchant, donations to charitable foundations, free assistance programs for the poor, or simply purchase bonuses.

It is important for the holders of Venus sextile with the descending to find a deep and sincere relationship. This is one of their karmic tasks, because in most cases they prefer superficial connections and light novels, unconsciously fearing to move to another level. Sometimes they have to go through the experience of unhappy love in order to learn selfless and unconditional feelings, to be able to let go, and not to collect victories.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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