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Sextile Ascending (Descending) node – Jupiter: the gift of a spiritual teacher

The lunar nodes are the magical clues of the horoscope. If you follow their instructions, it is easy to understand what traits, character, talents and even circumstances will help create the foundation on which you can build your future and strive upward. The Descending South Node, aka Ketu, is responsible for the karma of the past, and the Ascending North (Rahu) is responsible for the new path to the next peak. The significance of the first cannot be denied, although it also points to the sins of previous incarnations that cannot be repeated, and living according to the second is more difficult, but this simply needs to be done to improve karma.

The sextile of Jupiter with the South Node gives an innate sense of self-worth, but at the same time self-centeredness. The aspect with the North promises a bright future in a high position, but on the contrary, you need to learn to be in charge and manage people. In any case, these qualities turn on under certain circumstances and one must be able to correctly use the energies of the nodes and the planet of great happiness.

Jupiter Sextile Karma with Ascending and Descending Nodes

The owners of the sextile of Jupiter with Ketu in a past life have achieved a lot in the line of government, education, religion. They traveled extensively and may have found fame and fortune in another country. Now, as they grow older, these people understand that their worldview is practically formed. They have their own way of looking at things, which is usually revealed in high school, when they begin to argue with the teacher and contradict the usual foundations of the social order. They themselves may not understand where the necessary knowledge and certain beliefs come from in their heads, and these are echoes of their past experience. Another thing is that he was not always positive.

The owners of Jupiter sextile with the Descending Node often abused their power, social status and influence for personal gain. Despite much knowledge, they did not know how to listen to others and believed that only their opinion was true, and the rest were wrong, which could greatly harm others. Now their dissent can be sharply suppressed from above. They need to share their experience and learn to listen to others, explore opposing points of view, cultures and religions, avoiding snobbery and nationalism, otherwise Jupiterian luck will be nipped in the bud.

Jupiter sextile Rahu brings incredible good luck in the affairs of the affected houses. The native in a past life was a researcher and thinker, while he held a high position, but he tried to be wise and did educational work.

Perhaps he was too modest or gave more than he received in return. He might not have been fully appreciated during his lifetime, and now he is given a chance of limitless possibilities. Whatever he does, fame and finances will come from all directions, provided he is willing to develop in the sphere of the house where Jupiter stands.

Also, as with the sextile with the Descending Node, there is a chance to go the wrong way and become a “black” teacher, and if the aspect with Ketu suggests that the native sincerely believes what he brings to the masses, then Rahu gives a clear vision, and therefore with intentional deception and manipulation of people, karma worsens greatly, but in the current incarnation this is usually not visible and it seems that a person is allowed everything and there is no retribution. However, if you follow the bright path, there will be more rewards.

Talents and opportunities of Jupiter sextile with the Ascending node

To whom much is given, more will be asked: the events created by the aspect simply scream about this proverb. If the native does not use his power, it can go into destruction. It is important for him to grab every opportunity to improve the level of education, attend various conferences, in elite communities, and especially take a closer look at internships abroad.

The fact is that although the sextile is a favorable aspect, and Jupiter is the planet of great happiness, but without the personal efforts of a person, they will not work as a magnet for good luck.

According to the fate, the owner of the horoscope is given the opportunity to obtain a high status, travel and bring the light of enlightenment to the world. He can be a teacher, a writer, a businessman, a spiritual teacher, but he will also have to intensely light his Sun and learn to be in the spotlight, make decisions after listening to different points of view, and most importantly, implement his experience in an environmentally friendly way in teaching other people.

These are excellent business coaches and heads of training centers, as well as politicians and officials who can really change people’s lives for the better. However, there will also be temptations to appropriate all material goods, and here much depends on the level of development of the owner of the aspect.

Talents and opportunities of Jupiter sextile with the Descending Node

By nature, the native has the charisma of a “big man”. This is the memory of a past life and the achievements of ancestors. The boss is immediately recognized in him, which, however, imposes responsibility in his youth, because it is he who is entrusted with complex tasks or organizational issues.

The holders of the sextile Jupiter – Descending Node are able to find themselves in the right place next to higher ranks, give good advice, show off a sense of humor, and thus again easily rise to the usual social stratum.

However, this time they need to really serve society, not consume. Organizational abilities should not only bring profit to the native and his company, but also implement social projects in support of the poor. Very often, the owners of Jupiter-Ketu sextile choose the profession of a teacher. In this case, it is also necessary to conduct free electives. It will be very good to organize financial literacy courses for children and adults, thereby working through the karma of Jupiter .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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