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Chiron-Uranus conjunction. Beyond

The union of the unpredictable and eccentric Uranus and the eternal seeker of truth Chiron could give the world a galaxy of talented scientists, inventors or artists, if aspects between these celestial bodies happened often. However, this is a rarity. The fault is the very blurry data of the orbit of Chiron, so it is difficult to say for sure whether the connection has happened, but if the union has occurred, this person will not go unnoticed.

He rushes to the stars, violating the laws of society, physics and generally going beyond the boundaries of reality. Surely the centaur Chiron, the teacher of the great heroes of Greece, had a connection with Uranus, his approach to education, training, treatment was so non-standard, therefore his image remained for centuries, in the memory of descendants. Nevertheless, there is only one step from a genius to a madman, and the owners of the horoscope often want to turn off the bright path into the kingdom of darkness.

The positive effect of the connection Chiron-Uranus

The native is a cheerful and active person, with whom it is never boring. He will find a reason for a holiday even among everyday life, and a creative approach to solving problems will bring out of the crisis not only him, but also his inner circle. This person will not be friends with anyone, but not because of self-interest, it’s just important for him to create his own company of desperate and cheerful intellectuals, adventurers and truth seekers, with whom you can drink this life to the bottom and ask for supplements.

The aspect is more generational than individual and affects immediately a group of people born at about the same time. On the one hand, this saves from explosive temperament and violent energy, distributing their intensity immediately to a group of people, on the other hand, it provokes the owners of the Chiron-Uranus connection to unite and create not only communities of freelancers and actors, but also political opposition, in the hope of making a revolution. This creates life-threatening situations.

The native is generously endowed with powerful intellectual abilities, but he will study perfectly only if he is really interested in these topics, otherwise there will be an obsession with learning and development only in the areas of the house and sign where the aspect occurred.

The most interesting thing for a native is to engage in technology, electronics, programming, the invention of something radically new and fantastic, for example, a time machine. Recognition and success most often come after death.

The negative impact of the connection Chiron-Uranus

If a person does not know how to control his emotions, which is most often seen in the negative aspects of the Moon and Neptune, it will be difficult for him to overcome the tension from the most unpredictable planets of the horoscope. Transiting Uranus will provoke Chiron to inappropriate antics and fatal acts – breaking up relationships, being fired from work, simply because they are bored, tired, or moving to another country with the sale of property and burning bridges behind them.

At a low level of development, the native is already eccentric and unpredictable. He can torture even relatives and friends with mood swings and cruel jokes, and harm himself because of his passion for risk. If the Uranus-Chiron conjunction is in the 3rd house, then it is not recommended to drive a car, because you always want to exceed the speed limit or overtake someone for fun. When communicating 3 and 8 at home, accidents cannot be avoided. No less dangerous is the position of the aspect in the 12th sector – sudden isolation due to strange inappropriate behavior or oppositional activities.

Uranus-Chiron conjunction in synastry

In the partner compatibility map, such an alliance is also very rare. It means sudden love and passion for all times, when the attraction is so powerful that lovers don’t care about social prohibitions, the difference in religion and mentality, but happiness in life together is in question if there are no other positive indicators with the participation of Venus and positive aspects in 7th house. Most often it is love, wading through thorns and problems.

At the average level of development of both partners, the owner of Chiron is faced with the everyday ineptitude of the ward Uranus, adapts to his mood swings, participates in risky undertakings or tries to resolve problems after his fatal mistakes. At the same time, no one can give the Chironian so many thrills and experiences in love as the bearer of Uranus, and he does not dare to leave him.

Working out the Uranus-Chiron connection

It is very important for the owners of the aspect not to cross the line that separates the genius from the schizophrenic. Their ideas are so revolutionary that they can turn the world upside down and bring a lot of benefits, but only if they can put them on the rails of Saturn, into a system for the benefit of society, and present them in an interesting and easy format, according to their Mercury.

In addition to developing the best qualities of these planets, the native needs to determine his destiny in the 10th house as early as possible, apply his non-standard thinking and creativity to achieve success in this direction.

Since the Uranus-Chiron conjunction already distinguishes a person from the crowd quite strongly, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of Saturn, according to the house of its position, and also wear jewelry with natural stones that help keep emotions in check. These are blue topaz , violet-dominated fluorite, and citrine .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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