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Conjunction Pluto – MC (Midheaven). The power of transformation

The meridian of the Midheaven passes through the 10th house and indicates the areas of activity that will bring tremendous success, money, and most importantly, the joy of your favorite work, corresponding to a karmic task. For the right choice, it is important to consider not only the professions according to the zodiac sign of this sector, but also to look at the planets nearby, and especially in conjunction with the MC. This is the most powerful aspect, sometimes influencing more than the elements of the 10th house on self-determination in society and relations with the boss.

If a participant in such a union is the great and terrible Pluto , provoking transformation processes through powerful shocks and collisions with injustice, then on the way to success you will have to go through fire, water and copper pipes, having withstood the tests with honor, as well as mentally prepare for the constant renewal and zeroing in profession, staying ahead of the curve. This is an aspect of fame for centuries, but whether the native remains in history as Herostratus or Avicenna depends only on him.

The influence of the Pluto – MC conjunction on fate

Banal ways of self-expression are not considered by a person with a strong Pluto. He always listens to the source of internal knowledge, occult sciences, from childhood he has an interest in magic, astrology, fortune-telling. At the same time he is attracted to science. In addition to the goal of becoming famous for discoveries, there is a secret desire to conquer nature, to take away its secrets from the Universe.

Power in any form: over a person, animals, subordinates, excites the imagination. The native has a high opinion of himself, so it is very important to develop spiritually here so as not to turn into a cruel dictator. Science or finance is the eternal choice of the owners of the Pluto-MS conjunction.

Careers are also often associated with the theme of life, death and personal sexuality. An example of this is the actress with the image of a femme fatale, Megan Fox and the singer Prince, touching upon the hot topics of an intimate plan in creativity. Guitarist Eric Clapton is famous for his praises of suffering, and writer Jack Kerouac – stories from the life of the underworld. Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein, also possessed Pluto at Zenith. There are a number of general influences of the aspect on the native’s life:

  • irresistible interest in the dark side of life, sex, communication with the other world;
  • cruelty at heart, manifested in an acute confrontation with the surrounding reality;
  • perverted sexual desires, for example, the desire to play simultaneously the roles of a man and a woman, to experience pain and violence;
  • the need to transform a personal image with the first successes in the profession, from changing hair color, losing weight, plastic surgery to changing sex;
  • the ability to have a strong transformational influence on others at the level of high spiritual development;
  • the feeling of being chosen and exclusive gives reason to go to the throne over the heads of rivals;
  • indisputable authority and exactingness: go to extremes and sacrifice loved ones for the sake of the goal.

In this situation, a person does not go unnoticed, attracting cosmic opportunities for the realization of desires. Professions are associated with external and internal transformation: surgeons, actors, writers, nuclear physicists, psychotherapists, sexologists, funeral home owners.

Personal relationships

One of the parents, most often the mother, has a strong overwhelming effect on the native. Most likely, she is engaged in the occult sciences, although she does not necessarily advertise this, or has a domineering and intolerant character of dissent. The owner of the Pluto – Midheaven connection is forced to obey his parents, teachers, law enforcement officers, but upon reaching adulthood, he realizes a huge source of power around him. And here you have to make a choice: stay on the side of the world or go into the underworld.

The native perceives evil as freedom from violence against oneself. But if the parents have laid the spiritual foundation, then it will be easier for him to defend the right to freedom and personal power in legal ways. However, to lead people is a vital necessity, a person hates to obey from childhood.

The other extreme is the desire to crush spouses and children, as compensation for childhood years of obedience to a domineering parent. Successful professional realization will contribute to family happiness.

Practical interaction with aspect

Men and women with the Pluto-MC conjunction reach the heights of world fame with a strong personal intention, but along the way they can destroy other people’s destinies. It is important to act honestly, nobly, avoiding the temptation to suppress the will of others for selfish ends.

Black magic and hypnosis will eventually turn against the native himself. The bet should be placed on an inquiring mind, originality and sexual charisma. Aspect is a sign of a born leader and leader of a generation.

Such a connection was with Marlene Dietrich, who became the symbol of the femme fatale of world cinema. She was also patronized by celebrities, with many of whom had affairs. Sex and power are the driving force for the development of the owner of such a horoscope.

However, the native will have to try to stay on the throne, especially if there are negative aspects with Mars , Lilith and Mercury . Throughout life, there will always be temptations to achieve goals by force, through the destruction of other people’s destinies, but this method will ricochet evil into the person himself later.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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