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Conjunction Saturn – MC (Midheaven). The power of ambition

The middle of heaven (MC) shows the area where a person will not only succeed, but fulfill the highest karmic destiny. Finding, in addition to money and fame, a feeling of deep satisfaction from being in his place in the world, the native becomes truly happy. To determine the scope of activity, the zodiac sign of the 10th house and the planet near the Meridian are taken into account .

The powerful aspect of conjunction with Saturn speaks of the strongest influence of this planet on the choice of profession and behavior in achieving the desired goals. Surprisingly pessimistic and strict Saturn here generously endows with high leadership positions, honors and financial flows to support ambitions, but as usual with the planet of order, subject to discipline, hard work and perseverance.

The influence of the Saturn – MC (Midheaven) conjunction on fate

It is important to remember the first return of Saturn when the native turns 29. This is a time of fateful events that will determine the future for many years to come.

In general, the circumstances of life from early youth make a person take responsibility for himself. Most likely, his mother brings him up in severity, teaching him discipline and responsibility, which is perceived by him with inner joy, especially if the planet of order is in Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, since this fully corresponds to his subconscious attitudes.

It is more difficult for owners of fire signs in 10 and 1 houses, but ultimately it will help structure the flame of emotions and ambitions and achieve the highest results in politics, civil service, science, sports, business and medicine.

Success is often late, and before becoming famous, you have to prove your right to the throne, overcoming many obstacles and barriers. Staying true to the principles of justice and order, the native will find what he wants.

However, there are exceptions: in Napoleon Bonaparte’s map, the conjunction of Saturn with the MC did not prevent him from becoming one of the youngest generals in history. Other important manifestations of the aspect:

  • absolutization of the goal to the detriment of feelings and family, conservatism, stubbornness;
  • the desire to structure the world around them according to their canons, to expand ownership, whether it be a company or land with real estate, and to manage it yourself;
  • success is achieved alone, not in a team, but the native will not mind if supporters follow him when their desires coincide;
  • the test of criticism always precedes a dizzying success, so it was with Napoleon, and with Picasso, who was criticized for his completely Saturnian cubism;
  • the owner of a horoscope, regardless of his desires, always becomes an example for society, and it depends only on him whether it will be positive or negative.

The main problem and a karmic lesson at the same time is not to abuse the power received, violating the principles of decency, because then the collapse of the empire cannot be stopped: the example of Hitler and Bonaparte is proof of this. The secret of the successful reign of Elizabeth II (with Saturn at its zenith) is in a structured adherence to a schedule of life with full adherence to protocol.

Personal relationships

The dominant parent is most often the mother if she is alive. Saturn in conjunction with the Middle Heaven shows the severity and captiousness of the main educator in the family, as well as the tragedy of his unfulfilled dream, because of which the mother or father strives with all their might to raise the performer of their unfulfilled desires. A harsh upbringing gives either hardening and self-confidence, or suppressed anger that bursts out when gaining power.

The native’s bosses are more likely to be elderly workaholics, with tight schedules and tight deadlines, and praise is a rare reward. But ambition and a thirst for glorification of the name drive the owner of the horoscope forward, despite criticism and a 12-hour working day.

In personal relationships, it is more difficult for girls with Saturn on the MC. It is difficult for them to show femininity, let alone flirt. They are withdrawn, focused on their careers, and emotions, in their opinion, interfere with the very advancement. Therefore, marriage happens late, unless the harmonious and strong position of Venus saves the situation.

For men, work and the conquest of the world are in the first place, and if there are problems with this, then the family goes to the tenth plan. It is difficult to live with such a person, he will always prefer serving the idea to cheerful holidays and travel. It is easier if the Ascendant is in the signs of Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Cancer.

Practical implementation of the Saturn – MC connection

With the right use of the principles of the planet of justice, it is easier to bypass the pitfalls and overcome the obstacles that it builds to test its strength in order to reward the worthy. It is Saturn who tests a person for compliance with the light side, because many owners of the aspect became famous for their destructive deeds, unable to withstand shocks, like Hitler, a failed artist who, after devastating criticism of his paintings, left for political and military terror.

Success in a career requires clear planning of any goals, respect for elders and the elderly, the ability to work under the guidance of more experienced and authoritative figures, and not try to become a role model right away, without practice. You will also need to cultivate a philosophical attitude towards criticism and overcome shyness, especially with the Ascendant in Virgo, Pisces and Cancer.

As a result of personal ambitions, family happiness is lost, so it is important to devote time to loved ones, and most importantly, children, which will reveal the native’s unexpected talents.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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